It's probably also a good time to avoid public transport and arrive to work or carry out your errand runs brimming with endorphins. Commuting by bike might feel like an intimidating prospect for many, but it shouldn’t be. A surprisingly small amount of kit is required and, being, unsurprisingly fun and convenient. 

Below is a list of benefits that come from commuting on a bicycle. 

  1. How it helps the country. 

As per the study done by TERI last year, cycling for short distances can result in an annual benefit of INR 1.8 trillion to the Indian economy, which is equivalent to 1.6% of India’s annual GDP. The analysis also suggests that by cycling regularly for 120 days over a distance of 3.5 km can promote an active lifestyle and can avoid 4,756 premature deaths. It also has the potential of increasing personal fuel savings by INR 27 billion.

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  1. How it helps you financially.

Owning and commuting by cycle brings down the expenditure by at least 20%. The cost of maintaining and fueling a motor vehicle vs relying on a bicycle is 33% more. This excludes gym memberships which you further save by commuting on a bicycle

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  1. How it helps your health. 

The recommended 2.5Hrs of weekly cardio is achieved by commuting. To add to this you reduce the risk of diabetes and give you an overall healthy lifestyle. 

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  1. How it helps you save time and be more efficient. 

Traffic time/on-road time = gym time for a cyclist. You save traffic time + gym time because in some cities bicycles are faster than cars. 

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  1. How it helps your mind. 

A fresh start to the morning keeps you active and sharp by the day and helps you get the much-needed rest on time. 

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