Getting around town by bike is economical, environmentally friendly and pleasant with the right bike! You shouldn't just choose any old city bike: it needs to be able to answer your daily needs.

You should choose your city bike based on the distance you will be cycling, how frequently you cycle, and the urban environment (cobblestones, hills, urban density, etc.) you will be cycling in.

1. Distance 

You should choose the bike that best meets your expectations and needs, from the distance you will be travelling to its performance, comfort, and efficiency.

Choose the bike for 5km

For Short Distances (Up To 5km) and/or for days that combine cycling with other means of transport such as the underground, bus, lifts, or cars, you might want to consider a folding bike. A bike that takes up little space will be really handy!

choose the bike for 30km

For Distances Up To 30km and/or if you are looking for daily efficiency and performance, go for a trekking bike. Often likened to a touring bike, these bikes are perfect for long rides around town as well as in the countryside. They are comfy and sturdy, and can take saddlebags and other accessories that you might need for urban journeys.
Whatever distance you cycle, you can make pedalling easier by getting yourself an electric bike. They come in a variety of styles, from folding bikes to classic Dutch bikes!

choose the bike for 10 km

For Distance Up To 10km Choose a classic city bike if your main need is comfort and ease of use.For this type of distance an aluminium frame will give you the sturdiness you want. In terms of comfort, a city bike often lets you sit up straight (at 90°), which also gives you a wider field of vision.To make life even easier, make sure you can add bike accessories (basket, saddlebags, pannier rack, etc.).

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