Being a cyclist and zipping through long traffic jams is becoming more and more popular in India. Compared to a guy in a 5 seater car at a traffic signal, a cyclist dressed in riding gear, helmet, sunglasses, and a laptop bag zooming past the signal is so much sexier. 

If you're planning to commute by cycle, the below tips will come handy. I've listed them down completely from personal experiences


  1. Never get on the Saddle without a Helmet.

Safety always comes first.  The number one reason to wear a helmet when riding is to protect your head and brain.

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  1. Being consistent helps a ton. Do not skip a week! A day or two due to work or other situations is fine.

When it comes to Cycling or any sport in general, consistency is king. 

  1. Padded Cycling Shorts are a blessing when it comes to comfort. 

Try them and it will help on days 3, 4, and 5 of a weekly commute.

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  1. Don’t hesitate to use hand signs - Wave out at fellow cyclists. 

Direct the pedestrians if they are in your way or show in advance the direction you would like to take.

  1. Do not wear earphones as your senses need to be sharp.

While it's really fun to cycle to music, being alert on the road is crucial. 

  1. Do have a specific pair of Explore the best commuter backpack in India. that can be used during a hot day and at night to protect you from dust and rain.

In addition to protecting your eyes from dirt and dust sunglasses are the best way to ensure that your eyes don't suffer from ailments caused by UV radiation.

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  1. Ride in a pair. It helps you compete with each other and less monotonous

There is no more effective way to become a motivated cyclist than finding a good partner and also the higher the amount of cyclists, they easier it's for motorists to spot 

  1. Always carry an extra pair of clothes. 

You'll likely sweat a bit in your cycling gear and might want to change into something fresh especially if  you're cycling to work.

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  1. Cycling mirrors help a lot if not always do stop on the left and check before you make the right turn. 
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  1. Always give way to a motor vehicle. It’s not worth the risk.

You're riding for the experience, not to win a race. It's always a good idea to give motor vehicles a pass. 

  1. Make yourself very visible

When riding in low-light conditions, early mornings or late evenings, it's important to wear something reflective so that motor vehicles can spot you.

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  1. Check your light and keep them charged a day before

No thanks to surprises when it starts getting dark and you discover that your lights aren't sufficiently charged. 

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  1. Start early when the roads are empty and avoid the rush hours

It's safer and you'll enjoy a lot more if you don't have to deal with traffic

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  1. Choose the scenic long route than the congested shorter route.

Again, you're cycling for the experience and your health. A nice long ride with a view will never let you down.

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  1. Avoid getting too close to parked cars to avoid doors being opened suddenly.

That holds the capability to knock you right off your bike.

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  1. Stay more alert at signals and junctions.

When you're riding through the traffic and busy road, staying alert to all traffic signs and signals becomes extremely crucial

  1. See if you are in the driver’s blind spot.

Navigating your way with traffic is something you'll have to learn and be careful of


  1. Invest in a very good lock for your bike. It is as important as your bike. 

Beware of Bicycle Thieves. They do exist. 

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  1. Know how to fix a flat else it's the first thing you will have to learn

Don't head out without learning the same. You wouldn't want to be stranded in the middle of the road because of a flat tyre. 

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  1. Always carry a spare tube, pump, and tire levers to remain puncture ready.

Punctures are a part of your cycling journey. It's better when you're prepared. 

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  1. If your bike is making a noise it’s calling your attention. Fix it over a weekend.

Always get your bike checked before a long ride

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  1. Service your bike once in 2 months. It is important for a commuter. 

Just like Cars, your bikes need servicing too to avoid uncalled for hazards

  1. Check movable parts during rainy seasons.

The rain can affect your bike parts. Always a good idea to check everything and be doubly sure.

  1. Weight on the bike is better than weight on the shoulder.

You could think of investing in a carrier vs carrying your stuff in a backpack and riding for long hours. 

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