The land of ‘Sun, Sand, and Sea’ offers a range of thrilling water sports. There are adventures throughout the year and some of the water sports are season-specific. Goa is an adventure in itself but it is the water sports in Goa that provide the majority of the fun. Even if you are not an adventure seeker, get ready to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush while booking your tickets to Goa. Goa is all about having a good time with your friends and loved ones, and if you're not chilling, you're not living life to the fullest! Because the weather in Goa is so pleasant in the winter, you will undoubtedly enjoy water activities there. The magnificent Goan landscape is truly lavish when it comes to stretching your boundaries, from river rafting to trekking.

You don't need to be an adventure expert or have a lot of training or expertise to participate in water sports in Goa because they've been designed to meet the needs of every traveller. You can be a complete novice and yet have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, or you can be an expert and still get the most enjoyment out of these activities. Baga, Calangute, Benaulim, and Colva beaches all have a plethora of water sports operators. The price of water sports in Goa ranges from INR 2,000 to 4,000, however it depends on the activities chosen. Alternately, you can also engage in your favourite activities through several licensed water sports package operators such as Atlantis Water Sports, Aqua Sports Goa, etc.

Table Of Contents

  1. Water Sports In Goa
  2. Best Season To Try Water Sports In Goa
  3. Best Places To Try Water Sports In Goa
  4. Equipment To Carry For Water Sports In Goa
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. The Bottom Line

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Water Sports In Goa

Goa is a popular destination for bohemians and travellers looking to create lasting memories. Not only for Indians but also foreigners, the state has been a popular party and travel destination. You get vast stretches of lovely (though busy) beaches and some incredible seafood cooked in shack-style restaurants. It would be an understatement to say that Goa never ceases to astonish visitors. Having said that, let’s dive into the list of water sports to try in Goa:

  1. Grand Island Goa Scuba Diving: Imagine plunging into the huge ocean, swimming alongside peaceful oceanic creatures, and glimpsing the ocean bed, which is filled with valuable and brilliant stones! Isn't it magical and surreal? Scuba diving, on the other hand, brings your imagination to life. When visiting Goa, India's most colourful and happening coastline state, scuba diving is a must.
    The money spent on diving at Grand Island is well worth it because the experience acquired is invaluable. Scuba diving in Goa provides the best experience at an affordable price while still prioritising safety. Scuba diving is a great way to get high and feel it like you've never felt it before.
  2. Baga Beach Water Sports North Goa: Environed with the bounteous Arabian Sea and verdurous palm trees, Baga beach creates a picturesque landscape along with rows of shacks and fishing boats. The aura and activities of the beach attract several tourists every day of the year. Offering some enthralling water activities this beach is every tourist stop. Hop on to huge bananas with your gang for the banana ride or be ready for a bumpy bumper ride. Take the sky with your wilderness while parasailing high in the sky, either you touch the sky or take dips into the ocean during parasailing there is no in-between. Hone your riding skills as you take the jetski into the Arabian sea, you can also go for a speed boat ride and can just simply relish the beauty of the endless Arabian sea. There are many water sports at Baga beach that even a day seems less.
  3. Kayaking: Starting at INR 549, Kayaking is considered one of the best water sports in Goa and is a hit among international and local tourists. Visitors will find a plethora of Kayaking tours in Goa to choose from.  Kayaking involves moving across the water in a uniquely shaped boat that can accommodate not more than two people at a time. The best places for kayaking in Goa include the backwaters of the Zuari, Mandovi, and the Sal backwaters; the alluring waters of Nerul River are also considered ideal for Kayaking.
  4. Snorkelling: Snorkeling in Goa is one of the most popular pastimes, attracting visitors from all over the world. The islands and beaches of Goa, which are dotted with appealing natural beauty and virgin coral ridges, make the experience wonderful for any nature lover. Not only will you be able to enjoy the thrill of snorkelling, but you will also be able to take in the atmosphere of marine life. Once you enter the beautiful blue waters, you will be greeted by a diverse array of aquatic life. While you may visit Grande Island to experience the island's refreshing and restorative mood while snorkelling, you can also visit Bat Island to marvel at the bizarre aquatic life.
  5. Scuba Diving: Beaches and seashores abound in Goa. So, if you don't put aquatic activities on your bucket list, you're missing out on a lot of fun. You can only wonder about the lovely fish world and some wavy plants inside the water from the land. But there's a lot more to it than that. Underwater, there are a wealth of aquatic adventures awaiting your discovery. The immense plant life, diverse shapes of stones, coral reefs, and golden sand will leave you in wonder, not just the colourful and lovely creatures. All of this is possible thanks to a unique scuba diving adventure.
  6. Windsurfing: Windsurfers in Goa prefer the early morning hours when the sea is calm and the breeze is gentle. Experts prefer strong afternoon winds since the more the wind's strength, the greater the sport's enthusiasm.
    From May to October, windsurfing is available in Goa. According to Windsurfing trainers and experts, the Dona Paula bay is the ideal venue for any beginner. However, several beaches in Goa, such as Bogmalo, Miramar, Calangute, Arossim, Uttorda, Benaulim, Vagator, Baga, and others, attract travellers looking for a windsurfing adventure.
  7. Flyboarding: Do you want to fly through the air like a Marvel superhero and then swim like a dolphin in a matter of minutes? You can do it in your own Goa, as beautiful and dreamy as it sounds. Flyboarding is a new extreme water activity in Goa that takes adventure to new heights.
    This thrilling activity takes place on the scenic Chapora River, which is a popular Flyboarding destination in Goa. The water in the river is tranquil, making it ideal for flyboarding.
  8. Parasailing: If you are a high flier and enjoy the thrill of flying with the clouds, parasailing is the game for you! The Taj and Bogmallo Resort hotels are among the only two resorts in Goa that provide the equipment required for this thrilling sport. Parasailing requires an individual to be air-borne for a particular duration of time.
    Once up in the air, the flyers just need to maintain their balance and enjoy the aerial views from amidst the clouds. While taking part in this overwhelming activity, one must wear casual or light clothes. Children under 15 years are usually not allowed for these rides.
  9. Ringo Ride (Tubing): Ringo Rides entail gliding on a circular tube on the water's surface while being bathed in endless joy and thrill. It is a regular leisure ride that can be seen on the Goan water and is one of the most popular watersports in Goa. These boat rides can be loaded with never-ending joy and mirth with the right leadership and advice!
    Ringo Ride requires people to sit on a circular tube for an extended amount of time while being pushed by a speed boat. The participants can feel the waves' strokes during this wonderful journey over the waters, which is both exciting and enthralling. But it's near the finish of the trip that the true fun and thrill begin.
  10. Banana Rides: These rides are well-known at Candolim and Baga Beach. This water activity entails a group of people sitting on an inflatable narrowboat that looks like a banana and gliding over the calm waters at a rapid pace. These boats are very comfy and can hold up to 6 people at a time; children are welcome to ride as well (above the age of 7 years). This ride is popular among corporate teams and groups of friends because it promotes teamwork. Shorts and light cotton tee-shirts are the most popular choices. The boat's life jackets and safety handles offer optimum enjoyment while also assisting players in maintaining their balance as the boat travels over the choppy waves.

Best Season to try Water Sports in Goa

Water activities are available in Goa during the monsoon season in August and September. Tourists can also enjoy water activities in Goa during June and July when there is a lot of rain. Although there is no designated season in which to enjoy water activities in Goa, several of them do require special weather conditions. Windsurfing, paragliding, and parasailing, for example, are not recommended during severe winds. It's also best to avoid jet skiing and surfing in Goa when there's a high tide alert. Water activities are available in North Goa at the beaches indicated above. Plan a trip to pristine expanses of sand in South Goa to enjoy water sports.

Best Places to try Water Sports in Goa:

  1. Calangute Beach: Water sports are only one of the many activities and experiences available in Goa. Calangute Beach, sometimes known as the "Queen of Beaches," is the best place in Goa for water sports. Calangute Beach has everything, whether you want to ride the waves, dive into the crystal blue sea, or fly above the breathtaking shoreline. Kayaking, windsurfing, jet-skiing, parasailing, banana rides, water surfing, and other water sports are accessible at this beach.
  2. Sinquerim Beach: Sinquerim Beach is one of Goa's top beaches for adrenaline seekers, with golden sand, a mesmerizing backdrop of ancient Fort Aguada, and a range of water activities, including parasailing, water skiing, snorkelling, scuba diving, jet-skiing, and windsurfing.
  3. Dona Paula: Dona Paula, located on a rocky promontory where the rivers Zuari and Mandovi meet the Arabian Sea, is a great place to get an adrenaline rush while admiring the natural beauty. Water sports like water skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkelling, parasailing, toboggan ski-biscuit, sport fishing, harpoon fishing, ski-bobbing, and yachting are all accessible, giving any Goa vacation an extra dose of adventure, excitement, and thrill.
  4. Mabor Beach: Mobor Beach, which is nestled between the Assolna River Estuary and the Arabian Sea, boasts massive waves that are ideal for water skiing, banana bump rides, winch-boat parasailing, speed boat rides, windsurfing, kayaking, and Ringo rides. Dive deep into the ocean and swim with dolphins for a life-changing experience.
  5. Colva Beach: The waves, brisk sea breeze and silver-white sand at Colva Beach are well-known for their beauty. Colva Beach, on the other hand, will not disappoint if you want to partake in exhilarating sports such as jet skiing, paragliding, banana boat riding, parasailing, snorkelling, and motorboat and speed boat rides.

Equipment To Carry For Water Sports In Goa

  1. Life jackets: The most crucial safety devices to utilise during water activities are life jackets or other Personal Floatation Devices. It is critical to wear a life jacket at all times while participating in the activity. There are several different varieties of lifejackets. They're foam-based, inflatable, and throwable, among other things. When selecting a lifejacket, make sure it fits tightly and is neither too tight nor too loose, since this will aid in preventing the person wearing it from drowning automatically or as soon as it is inflated.
  2. Safety Helmets: Safety helmets are most commonly used for water sports with a higher danger factor, such as water skiing and kayaking, but they should be worn whenever water sports are required. Because of the unpredictable nature of these sports, water helmets are an important aspect of a sportsman's safety. They are ergonomically designed while maintaining the highest levels of safety.
  3. Safety harness: When a person is at risk of being thrown overboard, they must be properly tethered. The harness should be simple to put on, lightweight but sturdy, and resistant to abrasion. It should be fastened securely enough to allow unrestricted mobility in the boat or on deck, but not so loose that the person falls overboard, perhaps causing serious injury.
  4. Lifebuoys: Lifebuoys are floating devices that look like rings and keep people from drowning. They're useful if someone falls overboard while participating in high-intensity activities like rafting or canoeing. They are frequently maintained in a convenient location so that they can be immediately thrown to the person in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are water sports in Goa safe?
    During the Goa Trip, the speed of boats may reach up to 50 mph, which can be immensely exciting, making speed boat rides one of the most loved water sports in Goa. Hence, any group of friends, colleagues, or family, anyone can go for the enthralling speed boat rides in the beautiful waters of the Arabian Sea and is safe.

  2. Are water sports in Goa expensive?
    Well, not too much. Seawater sports is the best tourist company that provides the best services to travellers. the current cost of water sports is INR 4,200. It is a combo offer it includes scuba diving and other water sports like parasailing, banana ride, bumper ride, jet ski.

  3. Are water sports in Goa available now?
    The best time for enjoying water rides is from October to May. However, travellers, who do not visit Goa during this period, can still enjoy water sports activities in the river.
  4. Are all the beaches in Goa offer water sport?
    The short answer will be a no. Calangute Beach, fondly called the 'Queen of Beaches', is the prime spot for water sports in Goa. Water sport activities available at this beach are kayaking, windsurfing, jet-skiing, parasailing, banana ride, water surfing, and more.

The Bottom Line

It is said that it’s better to be safe than sorry. However, all work and no play may make one dull. So, to strike a perfect balance between the two, a staycation if not a vacation becomes ever so important. And what better way to do this if not by paying a visit to Goa and indulge in water sports in 2021?!

Goa has unparalleled scenic beauty to offer and many more activities to indulge in even if one is not so much into beach and water. Over time, Indians and even foreigners have considered Goa as one of their favourite destinations to hang out and the equations don’t change- whether there is a pandemic or not.

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