Kayaking In Goa

Apart from delicious seafood and parties that never end, what do we love the beach state of Goa for?! Water, right! Your Goa trip can and should never be without the ​​exciting kayaking and canoeing escapades.

Kayaking is a fun activity that involves moving through water in a small water vessel with the aid of a double-bladed paddle. It allows the boat driver to manoeuvre through waterways by sitting face-forward and propelling ahead with alternating side-to-side paddle strokes. The paddler sits in the cockpit with the legs extended beneath a closed deck, leaving the upper body free and exposed.

Best Places For Kayaking In Goa

Experience the thrill and the beauty of kayaking in some of Goa's most popular outdoor destinations. We have listed down five of the best ones for you.

Konkan Explorers

Konkan Explorers takes you away from the crowd and lets you explore Goan waters like never before. Specially designed in New Zealand, their two main vessels, Red Mangrove and Stoa will take you on exploration tours to a certain point from where your kayaking or sailing excursions can begin.

Goa Kayaking

Goa Kayaking specialises in Kayaking and canoeing excursions along the coast, rivers and backwaters in Goa. The Goa Kayaking Club also conducts training programs for members and organises moonlight kayaking, kayak races and kayak festivals along with recreational dinghy sailing. 

Calangute Beach

Fascinated by underwater inhabitants? Calangute beach is the place to dive deep. While beautiful corals and other denizens will grab your attention, there are chances of you spotting some delightful dolphins at this location too. But only if you’re lucky! Cover other water sports like parasailing, jet skiing and scuba diving on the Calangute beach too. Paddle calmly while watching the sunrise, spot some exotic birds on the way and wind through the sea feeling one with nature.


As the word suggests, it takes courage to unravel the adventurous side of you. They offer non-motorised water sports such as Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, surfing and snorkelling. You can choose one of their pre-planned kayaking tours and watch the sunrise up over the waters as you paddle or end your kayaking excursion with a fun BBQ evening.

Naturecraft Adventures

They believe that Goa has so much natural beauty that is yet unexplored and they want to make this accessible to tourists. They conduct backwater kayaking trips where you paddle through the dense mangrove vegetation. These trips are more than just the physical activity of kayaking but a means to explore and know more about this ecosystem. 

“Research is the key”. You must have heard this phrase time and time again. While as it says, research is the key, it surely can be tiresome too. We’ve curated some Kayaking tips and things you should consider before you delve into the adventurous activities. Check them out!

Kayaking Tips

  • As with any outdoor activity, it’s critical to know and understand the safety protocols in case of any emergency. Your trainers and rental agencies will guide you about emergencies like capsizing, running aground, getting caught in rapids, or getting lost.
  • There’s nothing that can ruin your kayaking adventure more than coming back to find your expensive smartphone is now water damaged. So invest in water-proof storage cases.
  • There’s a series of hand signals and gestures that help kayakers communicate with each other. After all, rapids can be quite noisy and distracting.
  • While sitting with your back supported in the kayak, place the balls of your feet in the foot guides. Some kayaks have pegs, instead. Your toes should be pointed outward and your heels should be found in the centre of the kayak.
  • There are few places better to wildlife watch than from the seat of a kayak. Bringing a pair of light, durable binoculars will only enhance that. Look for water-resistant and portable ones.

Things To Consider Before Kayaking In Goa

  • It’s very important to check the weather before you head out in a kayak. Wind, rain, and sun can all greatly affect your kayaking experience, and it’s important to know what to expect before you hit the water. The worst time for most people is the rainy season, but some adrenaline seekers find it more exciting.
  • Kayaking in the morning is usually better than in the afternoon as winds can pick up in the afternoon making kayaking more difficult. For the first half of your trip, head into the wind, if possible.
  • While uncommon, sometimes cities issue advisories about various risks in the urban waterways. These risks can include pollution, bacteria and parasites, or other issues that could affect the health and safety of the public. So make sure to make a few calls before you head out with your Kayak.
  • While your phones and professional DSLR cameras work amazing on vacations, carrying them on the boat might be too daring. We recommend going for a GoPro to capture your wide-angle panoramic views and keeping the rest of your devices safe and dry.
  • Budgeting is important. It will typically cost you Rs. 1, 200 per person and onwards. Set your budget for not more than Rs. 2,000 as that should be more than enough for Kayaking in Goa.

Essentials Needed For Kayaking In Goa

Now that you’re all clear about your locations and tips, here are 10 must-have items for any day out on the water. Read on for the necessary kayaking essentials you should bring, as well as our curated recommendations for specific gear items you’ll love to use.


With you going Kayaking, chances of getting wet are pretty high. Putting on a swimsuit is a given. You’ll want something sturdy and comfortable enough to sit and paddle for at least a couple of hours easily.For women, try to avoid bikinis as areas with rapids might be too risky to rely on string ties. This Women’s Aquagym and Aquafitness Long-Sleeved Zipped Top is perfect for your gentle Aquagym and high-intensity Aqua Fitness sessions. While the zipper makes it easy to put on, the chlorine resistant material offers protection for more than 200 hours of use. The long sleeves also protect you from the sun.

This one-piece training swimsuit is for advanced swimmers looking for support and an athletic shape. With its close fit and elastic straps, this swimsuit creates a second-skin effect by limiting any water ingress, making it perfect for all water activities.

Sick of baggy swim shorts? These Men’s Swim Shorts will last more than 200 hours in chlorinated water, with all the advantages of swimming shorts. For men, a normal pair of swim trunks will typically suffice however, we recommend bringing a t-shirt in case the sun is extra hot and direct. The Men's Surfing UV Rash Guard 500 is a UV-protection T-shirt that is perfectly suited to surfing in warm water, for sessions lasting up to two hours.

Life Jacket

Probably the most important gear you’ll need for your kayaking experience is a life jacket. Luckily, most kayak rental companies do provide life jackets for free with your rental. If you’re planning on renting a kayak or taking a guided tour, check with your provider to make sure your life jacket is included.

However, if you prefer to carry your own life jacket, the two most popular types of life vests are standard and inflatable.

This Adult Foam Life Jacket is designed to be as easy as possible to put on: a "T-shirt" shape with a single central buckle and crotch strap. Light and easy to put on without discomfort, the neon orange colour, whistle and reflective band compliant makes it practical.


If you are planning to go kayaking in the sunny hours, this accessory will come in handy. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the harmful sun rays but also their reflection on the seawater. When choosing sunglasses for your kayaking trip, pick a polarized pair that covers your entire eye. You can also carry a lanyard to prevent them from falling in water. 

These Polarised Adult Sunglasses with Anti-UV lenses block 100% of harmful rays and category 3 protects you from glare. The technology of polarising lenses means you better distinguish the contours and contrasts.


This is another accessory you’ll not regret bringing with you on the sea. Hats can provide shade in wide-open spaces and can help prevent sunburn on your face and neck. Go for a wide-brimmed hat made of breathable fabric so that you stay comfortable and minimize sweat on hot days.

Though intended for hiking and trekking, this waterproof one from Decathlon is also perfect for your kayaking experience. While the laser perforations on the top of the hat let air circulate, the 3-layer fabric with a ripstop weave offers greater tear resistance.

Water Shoes

Having high-quality, breathable water shoes is a critical component of any kayaking gear list. The last thing you want is for your flip flops to end up floating down the river. And that too not without you!

Easy to slip on, these Aqua Shoes are perfect to be in the sand all day and for you water sports activities like snorkelling and kayaking. The mesh component of the foot pocket dries quickly, keeping the sand out and the 5 mm studded soles prevent slipping.

Kayaking Boat & Paddles

This is for all the pros out there. While this is something that is typically provided by the agency you’re hiring to train you through the kayaking experience, you can go ahead and get your boat too if this is something you see yourself doing a lot more than just once. First, ask yourself the question of how many people will be using the kayak together. And that solves half the problem for you. The trick is to get the lightest kayak you can afford because if you can’t lift, paddling it will also be difficult.

This Rigid Kayak Double Seater can carry up to 240 kg of load while accommodating two people as the name suggests. Offering great paddling comfort, it is a stable and reassuring Kayak option.

Looking for a lighter variant? This Inflatable Touring Kayak is perfect for solo or tandem beginner kayakers for half-day trips. With 2 raised adult seats ensuring good paddling comfort, it takes only 7 minutes to inflate with a maximum of 1.5 psi. Perfect for freshwater kayaking, it can seat 2 people of up to 150 kg of load.

Dry Bag

You’ve got a lot of stuff to take with you, and you’ll need a bag to put them in. Instead of a traditional canvas backpack, we recommend packing your stuff into a dry bag, which will keep them dry and safe in the water.

This 10L Dry Bag with a shoulder strap is ideal for protecting your belongings from getting wet when doing water sports. Resistant to splashes, spray and brief immersion, it is big enough to hold a small towel, wallet and phone.


Kayaking can zap your energy, so it’s a good idea to carry snacks with you during your excursion. The right kinds of snacks will provide a burst of energy that you need to continue paddling. We recommend energy drinks and snack bars.

These green apple and pom cherry sports drinks are developed to hydrate and replenish lost vitamins and minerals during sports. Replenish salt, vitamins and minerals in your body with these fruity drinks.

Decathlon is the one-stop destination for all your quality sports and travel goods. We promise to accompany you to all your adventures in the form of gears for a more than satisfactory experience. From kayaking gear to even a kayak to take to the sea, find all your travel requirements at Decathlon.

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