Watersports In Goa

While you’re out and about in the scenic land of Goa, take a look at everything that awaits you here and get to know more about all those exciting activities and the enthralling watersports in Goa for a fun-packed vacay.

Kayaking, windsurfing, jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkelling, parasailing and speed boating are just to name a few of the adventures you can dive into for your next trip to Goa.

However, in this article, we are mainly going to be focusing on Scuba Diving. So strap your fins on!

Scuba diving is a form of underwater diving where the diver uses a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus to breathe below the water’s surface. The divers dress up in the appropriate gear and carry oxygen cylinders to help them enjoy the experience better.

Best Places To Try Scuba Diving In Goa

Goa is all about alcohol, beaches, clubs and parties! If that’s what you’ve heard all your life, we assure you it’s much more than just that. If you have the heart of an adventurer then discovering the underwater treasure of Goa is what you should have on your list. Make sure the next trip to Goa with your friends includes fun scuba diving experiences. And while the city is not the most ideal for diving, there sure are some which will make your trip memorable. Few have listed ten of them down below to narrow down your search better. Check them out!

Uma Guva Reef

One of the best diving sites of Goa, Uma Guva Reef is a great option for both, beginners and experienced divers. Ranging from 6 meters to about 12 meters, be ready to spot the most beautiful and colourful tuna, snappers, turtles, and even sharks while scuba diving at this particular spot.

Make sure you carry a water-friendly camera to capture some delightful coral formations.

Calangute Beach

Fascinated by underwater inhabitants? Calangute beach is the place to dive deep. While beautiful corals and other denizens will grab your attention, there are chances of you spotting some delightful dolphins at this location too. But only if you’re lucky!

Learn to dive from the best diving schools in Goa, from experienced diving instructors and with suitable safety gear. Some even offer the students legitimate certifications! Cover other water sports like parasailing, jet skiing and kayaking on the Calangute beach too.

While the prices differ from instructor to instructor, make sure to have a budget for about 3000 Rupees per person for this exciting once-in-a-lifetime (for most of us) experience.

Lobster Avenue

A rocky underwater place famous for its white sand stretches, tropical fish like Parrotfish, Snappers, Sergeant Majors, Nurse Sharks, Dogfish, Groupers, Triggerfish and Flounders. If Lobster Avenue is your choice, be ready to spot a huge variety of colourful exotic lobsters that’ll surely keep you captivated. It does justice to its name!

But do you know the best part about this location? There are no strong undercurrents, which makes it a favourite spot for scuba diving for all divers. And the maximum depth is just 10 meters!

Turbo Tunnel

As the name suggests, it’s a narrow channel between the island and a rock. Turbo Tunnel is the best place for scuba diving on Grande Island. With just 8 meters of depth, this location is the most ideal for both beginners and pros. 

However, that doesn’t mean it falls any less in the underwater beauty. The area is famous for its high concentration of exotic water creatures. Stonefish are among the best highlights of this place - there are plenty but some of them may also be venomous and not easy to spot as they keep lying over stones in a motionless state. So stay focused and listen to your instructors!

Grande Island

Speaking of the Grande Island, also known as the Bat island, it is great for water adventure activities ​​like scuba diving, snorkelling, diving and fishing. With dolphin sightings so common, this island is situated a few kilometres from Vasco da Gama in South Goa. 

Great for a peaceful swim, the clear visibility of the waters allows you to see the ocean life at close range.

You can come across colourful fishes, coral reefs, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, lobsters, turtles, and other forms of aquatic life. And even explore the remains of WWII warships. 

Probably the best place for couples scuba diving in Goa!

Sail Rock

Sail Rock, a rock pinnacle jutting out of the surface of the sea is situated about 1 Km from the Grande island. Dive from the top of the rock into the wonderful world of aquatic life, it’s almost a fairytale.

The walls are home to fish like Bannerfish, Blue Ringed Angelfish, Moorish Idols, and Yellowtail Snappers and bigger ones like Giant Barracuda, Tuna, Sharks, Eagle Rays, and Red Snapper.

While it offers a wide depth range of 8 to 24 meters, only the expert scuba divers should practise her due to its strong undercurrents in the depths.

Suzy’s Wreck

Don’t be fooled by its cute name as it has all the remains of SS Rita, a British cargo vessel, built 50 years ago. It’s a wreck located on the sandy bed near Grande Island. 

Full of corals and beautiful marine life, all of it flourishes in the remains of the metal ruins.

Barracuda, Batfish, Angelfish, Snappers, Lionfish, Sweetlips, Scorpionfish, Parrotfish, Moorish idols, Bannerfish, Groupers, Moray Eels, Puffers, Boxfish, Flounders, Stargazers, Squid and Rays are often sighted around Suzy’s wreck, just to name a few.

Bounty Bay

Another one of the best sites for scuba diving in Goa, Bounty Bay is a crowd’s favourite for fresh divers. Several small fish, lobsters, crabs, and corals can be found here.

While the bottom is just sand, gravel and rocks, you’ll find a lot of enchanting sea creatures such as crabs, cuttlefish, triggerfish, lobsters, and nurse sharks. Giving you the best of marine life, make Bounty Bay your bae.

Baga Beach

If this isn’t your first trip to Goa or if you have a friend that just doesn’t shut up about his last Goa trip, you know that Baga beach is the most happening beach of the party city. Always full of tourists, travellers, sports activities and everything that you’ve always wanted your Goa trip to consist of, this is the place to be.

Spot a rich variety of marine life, coral formations and even dolphins for an enjoyable scuba diving experience.

Scuba Diving Tips

With proper training in order, here are a few things you should keep in mind nevertheless.

  • Some dive operators require you to have proof of dive certification, so make sure you have that and aren’t just diving into the excitement with no proper training.
  • Always listen to your instructor. Even if you have previous experience, they probably know better.
  • Double-check your scuba diving gear. Remember that it’s okay to ask for help if you need it.
  • A quick & important tip: have your life insurance in place. 
  • Try to breathe normally and not hold your breath.
  • You can only stay down as long as you have air in your tank, and you need to be aware of when your tank is half full and quarter full so you can plan your return to the surface accordingly. So keep that in check.

Scuba Diving Accessories Guide

Picked a place and have fully researched scuba diving? Well now that you’re almost ready, let’s get down to business and learn about the scuba diving gear you’ll need for a good experience. Don’t worry, it won’t be too complicated and daunting as we have made a list of the best accessories available.

Diving Mask

Since human eyes don’t work the best underwater, a diving mask is a must-have. Renting a diving mask is one option, but do you want to use a rental mask that hundreds of people may have used?

This one is the perfect diving mask for learning to scuba dive with its very flexible skirt and finger supports to help learn the correct techniques. The lenses are scratch-resistant too!

Dry Suit or Wet Suit

Again, a given and a must-have, a suit is essential for protecting your skin and keeping you warm. Go for a thicker one when the water is extra cold.

These Men’s Scuba Diving Wetsuit and Women’s Scuba Diving Wetsuit are cut in a simple and durable 3 mm diving suit material for beginner divers diving in tropical seas. The anatomic cut and no underarm seams free up the arm movement.


Another important part of your diving gear, fins give you control over your movement underwater. Practice to get a hang of speed and agility while training.

The Scuba Diving Fins SCD 500 are developed for an ultra-comfortable, flexible, and powerfully fun experience. The ergonomic foot pockets are comfortable and the blades are powerful too!

Scuba Tank

A scuba tank or diving cylinder is another piece of equipment that you’re going to need when you go diving. It is a component of your breathing apparatus.


Divers are taught to carry a snorkel during a dive, but for more experienced divers, it’s usually a matter of preference. It can be useful during the time you want to save your precious air.

This snorkel with a flexible tip for better positioning on the face and in the mouth offers an orthodontic silicone mouthpiece for maximum comfort.


The purpose of this scuba diving accessory is for you to breathe the air from your tank by converting the high-pressure air into ambient pressure.

The Balanced piston regulator pack with SCD 500 DIN 300 octopus pressure gauge is designed with an optimum anatomical mouthpiece developed with the help of orthodontists while the ergonomic whiskers channel the flow of air bubbles out by the cheeks.

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