Another name for life is adventure, travel, fun and freedom. Exploring the world with the hand in the hand of a loved one is the best experience you can seek. The exploration of nature is not just fun; it’s true learning. Learning to become better and free. You learn to appreciate the uniqueness and the awesomeness of being ‘you’. 

In the lap of nature, we forget our worries. It’s only in the heart of nature that we understand our true selves. Thus, sports like rafting, canyoning, hiking and climbing amid nature are like the soulful music of chimes of nature. 

Canyoning with your loved ones can take you on the road of true joy and warmth. In these summer holidays, search for true savings of happiness that no bank can lend.

This ultimate guide to canyoning- starting from what it is, how to do it and what should be carried to do the sport lets you dive deep into one of the most fascinating sports in the world. Check out the blog to know more!


  • What is canyoning?
  • The origin of canyoning
  • What to wear and what to carry?
  • Important tips to know while canyoning
  • The Best places to go canyoning

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In simple terms, canyoning is a water-based adventure or fun activity. A sport that involves navigating ways or route finding along waterfalls and streams while moving through the gorge. 

It includes several activities like hiking, swimming, climbing or sliding. These outdoor activities aim to help you explore natural landscapes or canyons. You must clear the basic obstacles on the way to enjoy the pleasure of visiting flowing mountain streams and rivers. 

The routes you carve enable you to see places that remain unseen and unexplored. People of all ages can have a taste of these wilderness skills. Plus, there is no requirement for specific skills or abilities. 


In the 1970s, Britishers and Americans gave a fascinating and popular outlook on the sport of n. But it traced its origins to France in the 19th century. 

Edouard Martel, in exploring and studying the cave laid footsteps to canyoning techniques. His goal was to procure scientific data to explore these hard-to-find gorges. 

By the 20th century, the first canyoning team of climbers were formed. With the flow of time, many canyoning techniques and commercial harnesses were introduced.

It is only by the 1970s that canyoning became a highly popular recreation. All thanks to Dennis Turville, who pioneered this sport. He was a professional photographer and climber. 

Dennis’s efforts gave a push to this sport. With the adventure and marvel of this sport, many people got attracted to it. And the fruit of canyon exploration became ripe in the 21st century. 


It is necessary to get to know the essential equipment or the safety guards that are necessary to protect you.  

  1. Canyoning shoes: In the slippery and wet terrain of gorges, you require shoes that can give you a good grip. 
    Even if you don’t prefer buying canyoning shoes, you can arrange old trainers with a good grip and perfect padding around the foot.

  1. Wetsuit: These suits are quite thick neoprene with a hood. They will mainly keep you warm in cold weather. Also, they will improve your blood circulation. The purpose is also to guard you against bangs against rocks.

  1. Helmet: The helmet is always a must, even when you dive into the water. It also helps you protect against slips or falls.

  1. Static rope: It becomes important in the task of abseiling in wet conditions to ensure your safety in the canyon.  The appropriate length of rope and its clear usage are necessary to understand. You can use dynamic ropes to ensure safe and secure falls during ascents. 

  1.  Gloves: They can help you keep your hands safe, especially at the time of climbing rocks. Also, they can help you maintain a sufficient grip.

  1. Canyoning rope bag: Since you need so much focus and balance in this sport, you must ensure everything is proper and well-arranged. A drainable and waterproof bag can help you carry your ropes with greater ease and comfort. Also, it ensures your safety and smooth navigation. 

  1. Waterproof container with first aid kit: You need to select a waterproof container to carry the first aid kit. Make sure you carry all essentials in the latter. Also, ensure that it fits in your rope bag.

  1. Descender device: A descender delay system is a necessity for your safety. It will provide you with a friction brake that will help you to keep a check on your descent safety during abseiling.  

  1. Harness: You must always wear it during canyoning. The harness is attached to the rope during abseiling or climbing. The canyoning harness has a plastic seat that is attached to your wetsuit for safety measures.

  1.  Knife: You can use a knife to resist or cut across the heavy streams of water flow. It becomes hugely important during canyoning. 

  1.  Slings, carabiners:  Some extra slings and carabiners can help you assure your complete safety.  

  1.  Other Gears: Some other gears like headlamps, webbing or socks are also required at times. 

  1.  You can also take communication devices, sun cream, swimwear or shades as per necessity. You can even carry your cameras alongside you to click pictures if possible.   


There are some of the important tips you need to take into account while doing canyoning. They will help you navigate smoothly and safely.

  1. Your physical fitness is the most important aspect. Although, it doesn’t mean that you require a muscular body and arm strength.
    But you need to ensure that you are physically and mentally fit enough to keep up.  Otherwise, you may land up in dangerous situations.

  1. It’s best if you wear canyoning footwear. Because the other shoes can get extremely wet and full of scrapes. Even a pair of trainer shoes will do the necessary work. But avoid wearing any fancy shoes.  
    Make sure that the shoes you take should protect you against rocks, thorns or sharp stones. Also, make sure they are comfortable at the same time. 

  1. Try to clarify the terms and conditions of the travelling package, if you receive any.

  1. You can carry a dry bag with you. It can help you keep all your essential or valuable things at hand. 

  1. A water bottle and some snacks are a necessity. You expend a great amount of energy, and you can’t take the risk of being dehydrated or starving. You can even take some energy-boosting snacks if possible.

  1. You must take a qualified guide with you and listen to their instruction carefully. Also, do not miss out on little details. 

  1. You must try to be organized and calm throughout.

  1. You ought to learn important skills like handling the ropes or tackling the harness, or knowing some basics in swimming skills.  

  1. Do not rush at all. Take some time to arrange things properly and timely.

  1.  You can also carry a personal floatation device or a life jacket as a safety precaution in case you are a bad swimmer.

  1.  In case you have any illness, make sure you keep all your prescribed medicines with you. If you are suffering from a serious disease, avoid visiting a canyon then. 

  1.  As you are travelling through rough terrains, make sure you keep others informed about your visiting location and the time you are expected to be seen back. 
    It will help them to be carefree and even get necessary rescue to you if needed.  

  1.  There is a high chance that storms can flood the canyons. You must keep your GPS, map or compass with care.

  1.  You must ensure that the weather is friendly and fair before planning any canyoning trip. You must not ignore weather forecasts. 

  1.  Ensure that the clothes you pick are per the weather or temperature of the place. Try to wear comfortable rather than fancy clothes. 

  1. Try to tie your hairs at the back of your head if you have longer ones since there is a chance of getting them caught in descenders.

  1. Try to wear a wetsuit before buying. Check whether it's not choking you or restricting your movement. 

  1. Apply sunscreen to your body at intervals since there is a higher probability of getting sunburn.     


There are some of the best spots you can visit to get the most exciting and thrilling experience of canyoning.

  1. Sierra de Guara, Aragon (Spain)
    It is one of Europe's best destinations for canyoning. The gorges of the mountainous terrain are spectacular. The long and wild descents are awe-inspiring. Also, it’s very friendly to beginners.

  1. Corsica (France)
    Interestingly, this island was built for cannoning.  Its two-thirds portion is covered with mountains. Its mountains, waterways and streams will blow your mind.

  1. Utah (USA) 
    It is located in the western United States. Its unique landscape, especially in the Moab region, will make your jaw drop. The red rock formations are the most enthralling part of this location.

  1. Bled (Slovenia)
    The most attractive thing about this place is its canyoning routes and captivating gorges where the Julian Alps descend. The culture and history of this place give it a sense of pristine ambience. 

  1. Val Bodengo (Italy)
    This place is in North Itly. Its wild canyons and routes are a bit infamous. But the eye-catching scenery of this place can fill your heart with abundance. 

  1. Breil-sur-Roya (France)
    It is one of the best places on the French Riviera. It is in a wonderful place between the Mediterranean and the mountains, which makes this place enchanting. The pure water and the rugged landscape of this place are breathtaking. 

  1. Catalonia (Spain)
    This place is loaded with a labyrinth of gorges that will enliven your desire to unfold it. The deep ravines near Barcelona will serve as a treat to your eye with their charming beauty.

  1. Jura Mountains (France)
    You get a chance to explore numerous amazing gullies. This place is home to the narrowest canon in France. TBH, the limestone walls full of water are going to keep you in high spirits throughout the trip.

  1. Valais (Switzerland)
    You can visit some of the amazing alps here. The rough terrain and the plenty of gorges for rappelling and technical descents are thrilling and wonderful.

  1. Wanaka (New Zealand)
    The snow-capped mountains are marvellous to watch. The natural underground structure of this place provides a suitable ground for canyoning.

  1. Kawasan Falls (Philippines)
    The beautiful waterfalls and the deep canyon cutting through the jungle are listed as one of the most beautiful sights. This place is the best place for beginners to plan their canyoning trip.

  1. Suicide Gorge (South Africa)
    If you are thrilled about canyoning, this place is for you. The high jumps and the slides will assuredly give you an adrenaline rush. 
  2. Jalbire (Nepal)
    Jalbire, Nepal is full of amazing canyoning spots. The rock formations, the towering waterfall, the picturesque scenery, ravines and valleys will take you to the seventh heaven.
    If you really want to enjoy canyoning in its entirety. You must visit this place. Also, it’s near to you so you can plan a trip at the earliest. 
  3. Blue Mountains (Australia) 
    It is the best spot to get an awesome experience of rock climbing, rappelling and rafting. 
  4. Agawa Canyon (Canada)
    You can visit the wilderness and the most beautiful forests. The vibrant colour of the hardwood forest attracts every gaze towards it.
  5. Arenal Volcano (Costa Rica)
    It is a wish fluffing sight for a canyon-seeker. The beautiful waterfalls and the lush forest greenery give this place a life of its own.
  6. Kamoshika canyon (Hakuba)
    In Japan, you get this location as a cool and shady place for your canyoning trips. Its swift-flowing water from rocky waterfalls and the deep pools are full of scenic beauty and charm.
  7. Lake Garda (Italy)
    It is one of the largest lakes in Italy. Its crystal-clear water and the mountain's streams provide an iconic canyoning scene. It suits beginners and youngsters to enjoy their canyoning trip. 
  8. Dandeli (Karnataka)
    The most popular place for canyoning in India is found in Dandeli. It’s a combination of beach town and hill station. Its toughest terrains and mighty waterfalls are full of grace and splendour.

All the locations are from different regions of the world. So, you can easily plan a canyoning trip in any of the locations near you. 


  1. Is canyoning dangerous?
    Everything has its own set of risks, and so does canyoning. But if you follow all the rules and safety measures, you can minimize the number of risks.
    The most important thing to do is to listen to your guide. As an experienced and qualified guide, they will provide you with the best assistance and guidance. Thus, try to do everything under their supervision only. 

  1. How safe is canyoning?
    You must know that in such sports, there is always a possibility of being hurt. So, the main point is to know about your strengths and capacity to do such a sport.
    Physical and mental strength is always significant in such adventures. You must organize yourself and have backup plans at your disposal.  
    It’s also true that if you follow the correct techniques and precautions, you are likely to reach the ending line safely and happily. You can’t eliminate risk from the sport entirely but can only choose to be extra careful and this just turns out to be the beauty of it.

  1. Can you use a climbing rope for canyoneering? 
    The canyoneering ropes are not like climbing ropes. Rather they are much stiffer and tighter than the climbing ropes. 
    They are made resistant enough to deal with harsher, sandier, muddier and wet environmental conditions. It’s much safer to use canyoneering ropes, as they are specially built for canyoning purposes. 
    Following these tips and taking appropriate precautions will help you ensure a safer canyoning trip. The safety measures are the windows you need to peep in before you set out on any canyoning trip. 
    The instructor or guide you take can provide you with the most appropriate guidelines and rules. Thus, you need to ensure that you follow and trust them completely. 
    In case you are caught up in any situation, make sure to seek their help. Use your guide's instructions as a jar of knowledge that you must carry throughout. 


A canyoning trip is guaranteed to be one of the most enthralling and unforgettable adventures in one’s life. The most important thing while canyoning is to craft memories while staying safe as they are usually done in remote and rugged settings. So, if you are planning on a trip to one of these places, start with getting a hold of all essentials gears so you can have the experience of a lifetime in the most breathtaking places of the world.

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