A solo trip, as simple as the name sounds, is not very much like its name. You need to put in a lot of work before the trip planning everything right to make your journey safe and experience what your destination has to offer you. One of the most important points when planning a solo trip is to pack light, but you cannot miss out on the essential things to carry while travelling. If you are looking for a list of what to pack and what not to pack when planning for a solo trip, this article is the right place for you. In this article, we will be sharing with you a few solo travel tips along with a list of the essentials that you should carry with you on your next solo trip. 

Solo trips have become very common as more people now wish to explore the world as they find themselves and become self-dependent. While movies and TV shows have always portrayed solo trips and tours as a very spontaneous adventure, real life is slightly different. You need to properly plan a solo trip considering various factors and, most importantly, your own safety. Other than this, you need to manage your trip packing well enough to ensure that you do not leave behind any essentials. In the following sections of this article, we will be looking at the tips to follow and factors to consider when planning your solo trip. We will also be looking at the travelling essentials from Decathlon and why you need the same. 

Tips For Your Solo Trip

Planning your solo trip but don’t know where to start? In this section, we will be looking at some of the solo travel tips that will help you plan the perfect solo trip and enjoy your dream destination to the fullest. Here are the tips to follow for your solo trip:

1. Decide On The Destination

You might have already decided where you want to go or have a destination in mind. Before you pack or even start looking for solo trip tips, you must finalise your solo trip destination. 

2. Do Your Homework

This includes finding out more about the place, climate, people, food, stay options and travel options around the place. You can also look for the things you need to do where you go. 

3. Set A Budget

Setting a budget is essential to planning your solo trip. This will help you save a lot and take up more trips around the year. 

4. Book Tickets In Advance

One of the ways of saving money on your solo trips is to book all your tickets and stay options in advance. This will help you in getting better prices and also book the hotels, hostels or even seats of your choice without the issue of crowds. 

5. Pack Light Yet Smart

This is another one of the solo trip tips that we would share as you are all on your own and supposed to carry your luggage. Hence it is important to keep your bags light. 

Things To Consider During Your Solo Trip

It is a good idea to always know more about the trip before you plan the next one and expand your knowledge on the best practices for your trip. Before we look at the essential travel equipment list, let us talk about some things to consider during your solo trip. 

1. Use Public Transport

This is one of the most important things to consider when travelling alone. While you can get cabs and taxis or even rent a vehicle, it is easier to choose public transport to save some cash and also enjoy a more hassle-free experience. 

2. Give Your Day An Early Start
Starting early will give you a lot of extra time for the day, and you can also reach most places before a crowd has reached there. You can spend quality time in each spot of your choice and also get better pictures of the same. 

3. Keep In Touch

This is one of the most important solo trip tips that you must follow. While you have ensured the destination is safe, you must still keep in touch with friends or family to avoid any mishappening later. 

4. Go Easy On The Alcohol
You gotta stay in control of the situation no matter how safe the place seems and how friendly the people are. 

5. Make Friends Yet Trust No One

Talking of friendly people, it is important to note that you must make friends on your solo trips. You might make bonds for a lifetime, but you still need to be watchful of what you share and how close you get to new people. 

6. Stay Safe
While the aim of travelling is seeking adventure and new experiences, ensuring your safety is super important at all times. 

9 Travel Essentials You’ve Got To Have For Your Solo Trip

Here is a list of the essential things to carry while travelling and our top picks from Decathlon that you can choose. 

1. The Right Backpack

The first and most important thing on your travel equipment list must be the travel bag itself. When choosing your backpack for your solo travel, you need to make sure that the bag is not very big and you can easily carry it, and it is also not too small so that you can easily fit in all your essentials. A rain cover or a water-proof bag is also a factor to consider in case you travel to areas with rainfall. Here is our top pick from decathlon for the backpack that is best suited for your travelling essentials.

Travel Backpack 60 Liters TRAVEL 100 - Khaki

This travel bag has 12 different compartments, and the size of the bag can be adjusted as per your requirement. This bag comes with a rain cover that can help protect your bag from getting all soaked in the rain. Best for your trip packing, this backpack is available in 2 different colour variants. The bag has a suitcase-style opening for easy access and is lockable for keeping your stuff secure. 


Price: Rs. 3,999

Warranty: 10 years

2. Reusable Water Tumbler/Bottle

A water bottle should be the next item on your list of things to pack while travelling. Most people just forget to stay hydrated when on a trip. Surely you can buy a tiny bottle of water no matter where you go, but the plastic bottle is not a very sustainable option in the long run. When on a solo trip, you must consider carrying a reusable water bottle or tumbler. Here is what we think you might like for this solo travel essential.

Bottle 0.75L - Blue

When carrying a water bottle as one of your essential things for travelling, you need to ensure that the bottle is neither too big nor too small and does not end up making your luggage heavier. This 0.75 L bottle is the perfect size for your solo trip. The bottle is made of good quality material and is available in two colour variants. 

Price: Rs. 99

Warranty: 2 years


3. Multi-Purpose Shoe

What shoes should you include in your trip packing? A very common question related to almost every type of travel out there. The most important factor to consider when choosing your footwear for a solo trip is that the shoes are comfortable and suitable for walking long distances. The shoes should protect your feet as well as make your walking or trekking experience enjoyable. Here is our top pick from decathlon for the shoes that must be on your travel equipment list.

Men’s Hiking Shoes (WATERPROOF) MH100 - Khaki

These waterproof shoes from decathlon offer you the most comfortable walking and hiking experience as they come with full-cushioning. These shoes are durable and have non-slipping rubber outsoles as well. The shoes are super easy to carry since they are lightweight. These shoes are available in two colour variants and should be on your list of essential things to carry while travelling

Price: Rs. 3,999

Warranty: 2 years


4. Sunglasses

Sun protection is super important when you are on a solo travel venture. A good pair of sunglasses should definitely be on your travelling essentials list, and you can find one of the most suitable pairs from Decathlon right here.

Adult Hiking Sunglasses Cat 3 MH140 Blue

Sunglasses are not only useful for sunny days but also for when you go trekking in the snow. These hiking sunglasses with Anti-UV lenses offer protection from the harmful rays of the sun, and Category 3 protects you from glare. This pair of sunglasses that is available in 5 colour and style variants must be in your bag when packing the things to pack when travelling.

Price: Rs. 799

Warranty: 2 years



5. Men Flip Flops

Yet another piece of footwear to add to your list of essential things for travel is a pair of flip-flops. Flip-flops will also be of help when you might have suffered any kind of issues on your feet because of the shoes. Here is a pair of flip-flops from Decathlon that you can add to your solo trip luggage. 

Men Flip-Flops TO 50 Black

Best suited for water sports and adventures, this pair of men's flip-flops from Decathlon should be on your travel equipment list for solo trips. This pair of flip-flops are easy to put on and off and also have quick drying features. 

Price: Rs. 199

Warranty: 2 years


6. Quick Dry Long Sleeve Tshirt

No matter which season you are travelling in, a long-sleeved shirt is an important part of your travel equipment list. A quick dry shirt will be good for rain and also sweat absorption in the humid seasons, while the long sleeves will help you protect your skin from tanning. 

Men Hiking Quick Dry Long Sleeve T-Shirt MH550 Grey

This long-sleeved quick dry shirt from Decathlon is our top pick for your solo trip essentials. This shirt is good for chilly mornings and slightly cold weather and can also be used by you for hiking and trekking. 

Price: Rs. 599

Warranty: 2 years


7. Men’s Zip-Off Trousers

If you are looking forward to investing in bottoms for your solo travel plans that will be good for multiple seasons, then you should consider zip-off trousers. 

Men’s Modular Hiking Trousers - MH150

One of the best hiking trousers for men is these modular hiking trousers from decathlon. Why should you have these trousers in your solo trip bag? These trousers can easily switch into shorts and are very well suited for different weathers. 

Price: Rs. 1,299

Warranty: 2 years


8. Travel Trekking Cap

A cap is a good way to beat the what and enjoy your trip even in the sun. It is also a must-have for your solo trips. You can choose from different types of headcovers and caps depending on your style and requirement. 

Travel Trekking Cap TRAVEL 100 - Navy Blue

Our top pick from Decathlon for this solo travel essential is the travel trekking cap which is available in 3 colour variants. This is a simple cap that can help protect you from the sun and is also very easy to carry.

Price: Rs. 199

Warranty: 2 years


9. Synthetic Tube Scarf

Last but not least is a tube scarf. A tube scarf serves multiple purposes for travellers. You can use it for sun protection or cold protection, or even sweat absorption. This is not just one of the travel essentials but also a very stylish accessory to add to your travel bags.


This is our top pick for the last product on our list. This tube scarf from Decathlon is perfect for your solo trip bag, and you can use this multi-positional scarf for a variety of purposes. The good part is that it does not take up a lot of space in your bag too. 

Price: Rs. 199

Warranty: 2 years


As we reach the conclusion of this article on things to pack when travelling solo, we hope that this article has been helpful for your next trip packing list.  We have listed the essential things for travel and the top picks from Decathlon to help you ensure that the items on your list are of good quality and well-suited for travelling. We hope this list of travel essentials and the things to consider on your solo trip make your next trip all things fun and rejuvenating. 


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