We travel as much as possible, as far as possible, and for as long as possible. Our wanderlust drives us to go to far-flung regions and discover new areas. When it comes to travel, we purchase tickets, pack our belongings, and embark on an adventure of a lifetime. However, most of us neglect the fact that some travel equipment is required to make our journey comfortable and safe. We frequently forget to bring important products and end up seeking them during the journey.

Whether you live a digital nomad lifestyle or prefer to travel long-term or seasonally, there are several travel accessories in India that you must have. These travel accessories have been compiled with the express intention of providing you with a pleasant and joyful vacation, regardless of your travel purpose or type. As a result, in this post, we've compiled a list of 25 must-have travel accessories for any savvy traveller. Take a look at this list of the best things to carry on a trip to learn how to pack like a professional.

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1. 25 Travel Accessories For A Smart Traveller

  • Hygiene Essentials - Useful Travel Accessories
  • Smart Gadgets - Useful Travel Accessories
  • Utility Gadgets - Useful Travel Accessories
  • Decathlon Unique Travel Essentials

2. Travel Packing Tips 

3. Frequently Asked Questions 

4. The Bottom Line

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25 Travel Accessories For A Smart Traveller

Picture yourself when travelling and you will notice that there are instances when suddenly realise that there is something that you are missing on this trip. We understand how uncomfortable the journey becomes post this thought. Well, you need not worry about this anymore as our experts have curated this list of useful travel accessories to make your trips more enjoyable. We have divided this list into 4 different categories, so keep scrolling.

Hygiene Essentials - Useful Travel Accessories:

1. Traveller’s Bottle Set

What's the difference between a regular bottle and a traveller’s bottle, you might wonder? These are bottles with a chemical-free filtering mechanism that are the ideal companion for your journey to remote locations where basic requirements are scarce. The water in these bottles can be purified from rivers, streams, waterfalls, even stray taps. It is stylish and trendy because of its brilliant hues.

2. Compressed Towels

In India, you can never be completely certain of the weather. However, regardless of the weather, having a towel on hand is essential for a variety of reasons. A savvy traveller always brings compressed towels, which are a great alternative to large towels that take up a lot of room in your backpack. These come in a variety of shapes, are feather soft, and are designed specifically for travel. Simply soak the towel in a dish for a few minutes, and it will quickly take on the shape of a typical towel.

3. Hand Sanitiser Gel And Mosquito Repellant 

The majority of us overlook these minor details. You may not realise it, but you will come into contact with a lot of things during your journey. It's impossible to know what's clean and what's not. If you visit a tropical location, you will almost certainly encounter mosquitoes, some of which are disease vectors. As a result, everywhere you go, a hand sanitiser gel and a mosquito repellant should be your travel companions.

4. Oral Care Swabs With Dentifrice And Toothpaste Tablets

Swabsticks have long plastic handles that keep your hands clean while cleaning your teeth and gums. They clean beyond the ridges between the teeth gently. Toothpaste tablets make an excellent substitute for toothpaste tubes. Put a pill of toothpaste in your mouth, eat it, and then brush it away. It cleans and freshens the mouth.

5. Squeezable Travel Tube

Squeezable travel tubes, which may be filled with any type of liquid, such as shampoo, lotion, or hand wash, are another travel essential that should be included in your luggage. These tubes are composed of soft yet durable silicone and have a no-drip valve that keeps the cap clean.

6. Wash Bags

These are lightweight bags that are ideal for trips and camping. It allows you to travel in a clean and sanitary manner, allowing you to travel lighter and save money, time, and water. It's a cutting-edge strategy that helps people live off the grid. It's hygienic, and it keeps unclean odours off your clothes.

Smart Gadgets - Useful Travel Accessories:

7. Hoodie Pillow

These are inflatable travel neck pillows that are ideal for napping on planes, in cars, and during short breaks. In addition, this hoodie pillow is a fantastic space saver. The adjustable drawstrings can be pulled over the eyes to provide additional eye coverage and filter off undesired views.

8. Beach Mat

Beach parties come with the added baggage of undesired sand stuck to your items, which is, of course, inconvenient. As a result, keep a sand-free multi-mat with dual-layer mesh technology with you at all times to keep dirt and sand at bay. The mat is protected from fading by a UV stabiliser.

9. Sleep Masks

This accessory helps you during your travels and guarantees your comfort when sleeping or when travelling by plane, train, or bus. It comes in an anatomic design that is adjustable and compact. It also has side pockets for your earphones to snuck in.

10. Smart Carry-On Suitcase

The finest carry-on luggage for your next holiday is determined by a variety of factors, including your personal style, design preferences, and requirements. Our experts advise you to choose a suitcase that is composed of lightweight aluminium alloy, is stylish and compact, and includes many tech features such as a built-in LED light, a removable power bank with the appropriate connection type, and so on.

11. Action Camera

These are state-of-the-art cameras with a sleek, aerodynamic design that will be your ideal travel companion for a variety of adventures. These cameras are water-resistant and have GPS, electronic image stabilisation, a standard tripod screw, and much more, in addition to delivering high-quality photographs and videos in any condition.

12. Multisport Smart Watch

Multisport outdoor watches with a variety of tracking capabilities, built-in GPS, smart notifications, adjustable bands, and more combine style and adventure. These smartwatches come with a variety of modes to help you keep track of different activities and events.

Utility Gadgets - Useful Travel Accessories:

13. Earphones Holder/Earbuds

Earphones that get tangled are a pain. If you prefer a wired earphone, though, you can acquire earphone holders to alleviate your concerns. It's a terrific value-for-money travel accessory that's soft but still secures the wire. Many individuals nowadays, however, choose earbuds that are wireless and have a variety of innovative functions.

14. Flashlight

If you're going camping in a secluded region, always choose a device that is solar-powered and waterproof. It provides a 16-hour backup for 7 hours of direct sunshine. This is one of the top trekker's travel gear accessible online!

15. Travel Steam Iron

These are little steam irons that may be the solution to wrinkles. It is small and lightweight, making it a useful travel companion in India. It has three temperature settings and is extremely quick to heat up, taking only 15 seconds.

16. Speakers

A portable speaker, which will keep you engaged throughout your vacation, is something you should not overlook. These speakers may be connected to your phone or laptop to make your outdoor camping experience even more enjoyable.

17. Power Banks

If you are a frequent traveller, you might consider purchasing a power bank to avoid battery drain. Furthermore, the device can be utilised when travelling by bus or Metro, as well as at home. This device can charge your essential electronics without the need for a power source.

Decathlon - Unique Travel Essentials:

18. Travel Backpack

These backpacks are made to provide you with complete peace of mind while on your trips for several weeks. A big integrated opening on the rear of the bag padlocked pockets, and a detachable shoulder bag is all included. These are particularly long-lasting, with a 10-year warranty, a 50-litre capacity, and dimensions of 56 x 39 x 26 centimetres.

19. Camping Sleeping Bag

These sleeping bags were created by Decathlon's camping designers to allow you to sleep comfortably in temperatures as low as 10°C. It has a complete zip that opens easily and may also be used as a duvet. It's made of environmentally friendly "Dope dyed" two-tone lining fabric that's incredibly easy to keep clean. It also comes with a 5-year warranty on top of everything else.

20. Binoculars

When it comes to camping, small binoculars are one of the most crucial items to have on hand to make your outdoor season more joyful. You can't see or interpret your environment well with your naked eyes. However, with a pair of binoculars, you can simply address this problem. A tiny binocular can be utilised for a variety of purposes when camping, whether day or night: survival, bird watching, outdoor observation, range finding, and so on.

21. Hammock Tents

These are nylon tents made of parachute fabric with an incorporated mosquito net, making them ideal for camping in the highlands or among the woods. Tie it up on three sides and prepare to unwind on a great platform that appeals to most adventurers.

22. Suitable Accessories - Specific For Hot Places

In such situations, you should prefer clothes that are lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and stylish. Apart from these, you should carry essentials like sunglasses, hats/caps, flip flops, walking shoes, sunscreen, and other skincare toiletries. Men can go for T-shirts and shorts whereas women can prefer tank tops and pants.

23. Suitable Accessories - Specific For Cool Places

Winter nights will be bitterly cold, necessitating the use of large jackets and shawls. If you're planning a trip early in the morning in the winter, be aware of the foggy weather. Some other essentials that you should be carrying are moisturisers, warm socks, gloves, winter caps, etc.

24. Suitable Accessories - Specific For Rainy Places

In India, at some places, the rains are hard and fierce. Even the intermittent showers make the ground slick. Avoid heels and opt for shoes with a good grip. Boots are a good option. Carry a raincoat or umbrella with you. Decathlon comes with a wide range of waterproof jackets and waterproof pants, especially to combat the rainy season.

25. Trekking Bag

The last product on our list is a trekking bag. It is like a small handbag with multiple pockets to allow you to keep small things that might easily be misplaced in a large backpack. These bags are small, compact, ultra-light, and discreet that folds up into itself and easily fits into a pocket in your backpack.

Travel Packing Tips 

We all want to look our best when we travel, but we also have anxiety about figuring out what to bring and how to fit it all in. As a result, our professionals have shared their practical packing advice in the following part to help you learn how to pack faster, smarter, and stress-free.

  1. To avoid creases and make the most of your space, roll and pack your garments first. After rolling everything, put pants and tops in your bag first, followed by shoes and accessories, and then weirdly shaped goods like hair tools.
  2. Choose textiles that are easy to transport. When you hang these textiles up, even if they wrinkle, the creases will fall out. Wrinkling is more common in woven materials (such as linen or cotton twill).
  3. On top, bring the first outfit you'll want to wear. You won't have to search through everything else to find it when you arrive.
  4. Heavy things should be placed near the bottom. This arrangement keeps your bag upright and prevents other objects from getting squashed.
  5. Between the garments, place plastic dry cleaning bags. By putting them between your clothes, you may protect delicate items from unintentional pulls.
  6. Make use of packing cubes. These blocks help to keep your suitcase orderly and stackable. Plus, because they're light and thin, you won't waste any valuable suitcase space.
  7. Leave no additional space in your bags because this will cause products to shift, crumple, or shatter. Dry cleaner bags or newspapers can be used to fill vacant gaps.
  8. Carry an extra tote/foldable bag for keeping the shopping products.
  9. Take a mini iron to remove some wrinkles and creases that are inevitable. 
  10. Carry a small laundry bag to keep your used clothes on the journey.
  11. Organize your liquids bags with a do-it-all hydrating balm, cleansing wipes for your face or hands (or the seat), and a lightly scented hand sanitiser. 
  12. Keep the important medication in your purse.
  13. Carry a reusable water bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are the best travel accessories? 

All the 25 products listed above are equally useful and are the best accessories that you should be carrying while going for a trip. The onus now lies upon you to decide which of these accessories will be useful to you based upon your destination.

2. What does every traveller need? 

The 25 accessories listed above are some of the most basic products that every traveller requires while planning for a trip to India. The final decision requires some efforts from the side of the traveller also to understand the climate of the destination and various other factors.

3. How to personalise luggage?

As mentioned in the second part of this article, our experts have provided their valuable advice in this regard by sharing 13 tips that you can follow while personalising your luggage the next time.

The Bottom Line

We hope this article was useful for our readers and will help them to make better packing decisions for their next journey. Please note, this article is curated irrespective of your type and place of travel. These are certain essentials that you can carry anywhere and everywhere. In someplace or the other, these accessories will prove to be your necessary travelling companions.

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