Monsoon season is one of the best times of year for vacationers to experience India's splendour, which offers ecstasy, beauty, and divine delight. Raindrops can turn your dread into a slight sense of adventure, even though some might not think it is safe to go during the monsoon. The lush foliage of the highlands, the lakes' brilliantly gushing water, and the drive around the cascade all combine to create a beautiful scene that is hard to resist. The top 7 breathtaking monsoon destinations in India to help you travel in monsoons are listed here.

What Can You Expect During The Monsoon?

The emotions of Mother Nature fluctuate from year to year. Even the beginning of monsoon travel isn't as predictable as it used to be, frustrating for rice farmers and travel companies. In the last ten years or so, flooding has become increasingly frequent as weather extremes have increased. Overdevelopment in popular regions increases erosion, resulting in runoff and mudslides.

The main point of monsoon travel is that even if afternoon pop-up showers sometimes cause visitors to flee for cover, there are usually enough sunny hours throughout the day to take in the sights. During the rainy season, be flexible with your plans to adjust and succeed!

7 Best Places To Travel During Monsoon Season In India:

Shillong, Meghalaya

Regarding the best monsoon destinations, Shillong, also referred to as the "Scotland of the East," is one of India's most well-liked tourist destinations. The already stunning beauty is even more captivating when the entire hill town is drenched in the rain. The dense vegetation, roaring waterfalls, and foggy skies are, without a doubt, the main attractions in Shillong, Meghalaya. You need a vacation where you may travel through the hills, stay in cosy hotels with beautiful scenery, see the Elephant Falls and the Spread Eagle Falls, and eat the region's food. The nearest train station and airport are in Guwahati (Assam), 149 km away.


Even though Goa is a well-liked tourist destination all year round, the monsoon travel in Goa will leave you in awe. The country of beaches is most stunning during the monsoon season, with an endless view of the sea and other gorgeous sights. This place is ideal for all nature enthusiasts when it rains. There, you can go hiking, on heritage tours, shop, birdwatch, etc. A road trip from Mumbai to Goa is the ultimate adventure. Additionally, you can go there via the Goa International Airport in Dabolim.

Coorg, Karnataka

The lush forest of Coorg is home to a broad diversity of flora and animals. It is one of the best destinations to travel during the monsoons because of its magnificent waterfalls, lakes, vast coffee plantations, and mouthwatering cuisine. You can go trekking, bird watching, horseback riding, and taking a tour of a coffee plantation while in Coorg, to mention a few activities. The 270.4 km drive from Bangalore is a wise choice, particularly if you want to enjoy the gorgeous countryside while it's raining. The closest airports are located in Bangalore (260 km), Mysore (120 km), and Mangalore (13 km).

Munnar, Kerala

Due to its lush vegetation and the stunning sight of it being drenched in the rain, South India is one of the best places to travel during the rainy season. And with all that, Munnar will unquestionably offer you a breathtaking view, including hills, a silvery mist, a huge tea garden, etc. This hill town has grown to be one of India's most well-liked monsoon destinations. The peaceful town of Munnar is well-known for its hiking routes, tourist options, tea estates, the chance to be mesmerised by the majesty of nature, and its delectable Kerala cuisine. The closest airports are Cochin International Airport and Madurai International Airport, while the nearest railway stations are Aluva and Ernakulam.

Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Spiti Valley is one of India's most fascinating places to travel in monsoons because it appeals to travellers who enjoy the serene and ethereal ambience of "Little Tibet." The rain makes it more appealing as a camping and animal viewing area. The Lhalung monastery relaxes its visitors to the core and gives them peace. The closest train station is in Shimla, while the nearest airport is at Kullu.

Ranikhet, Uttarakhand

Ranikhet is among the most beautiful places to travel in the monsoon in Uttarakhand. Hills surround the natural beauty, and the current season's weather is a blessing. During the rainy season, go trekking and temple visits. Uttarakhand has everything you need, including stunning views of the vast Himalayan Ranges and lush, green vegetation. You must take a train from New Delhi to Kashipur and then a taxi from Kashipur to Ranikhet because there is no direct train.

Kutch, Gujarat

When the monsoon clouds cover the Dhinodhar hill in Kutch, it transforms into one of the most enchanting sights. Plan your monsoon trip to experience the appealing sight of the boundless desert plains approaching the horizon. This place is perfect for nature lovers due to its panoramic magnificence, which is made even more enticing by water. Bhuj Airport is the closest airport, and the Kutch Express, which travels from Mumbai to Gandhidham via Ahmedabad, is another option. To go to Kutch from there, take a road trip.

Pros And Cons Of Traveling During Monsoons:


  • Popular places and activities will be more accessible and simpler to appreciate with fewer tourists.
  • Lodging costs are frequently less expensive.
  • Asking for upgrades in plans is easier.
  • The air is much cleaner in the regions which are mentioned above.
  • You can discover that staff members are friendlier and have more time to spend with you. This may create more chances to learn more about a location.


  • Particularly in the islands, several enterprises, such as hotels and restaurants, are seasonal
  • Heavy rains that leave standing water increase the mosquito population
  • In the rainy season, several outdoor pursuits, such as trekking, become challenging or dangerous
  • If roads and railways flood, heavy rain may cause transit delays or closures
  • While it's still highly likely to go scuba diving or snorkelling in the rain, rough seas make for a less comfortable boat ride

What Is The Ideal Time To Travel During Monsoon Season? 

The beginning and end of the monsoon season are not fixed dates or abrupt. Generally speaking, rainy or dry days increase as the seasons change. The "shoulder" season is the interval between the wet and dry seasons.

The month before and after the monsoon season are the best times to visit well-known destinations. There will be fewer visitors but still lots of sunshine at these times!

It is not a good idea to arrive just at the start of the monsoon season because seasonal enterprises will have plenty of money stored up after the peak season. After a difficult season, the staff members are frequently eager for rest and may not be as helpful. Even if there is more rain, there won't be as much chance for discounts.

It is best to arrive amid or after the low season. Businesses are more inclined to cooperate with you despite a greater likelihood of adverse weather. Monsoon season's onset is frequently postponed by several weeks or even months.

Monsoon Travel Essentials: 

Solid backpack rain cover 

Nobody wants to travel with wet luggage or a bag of wet clothes! Protect yourself. Ensure you purchase a high-quality cover because not all rain covers are equal. Poor-quality raincoats might be prone to tearing and aren't always waterproof.

A crazy colourful umbrella

Get a bright umbrella to make the most of the weather so you can take more amusing monsoon pictures.

A slick poncho or raincoat

Coats are considerably more practical when walking around with a pack on, hiking in the mountains, or merely requiring two hands. Pack a decent, lightweight coat that won't take up much room in your suitcase. 

A zippy little headlamp

Come prepared because power interruptions are frequent in many nations with heavy monsoons. Candles and flashlights are both fine. However, headlamps are far more helpful (and frequently smaller) than flashlights. 

A sturdy dry bag

Very helpful if you're travelling around with your dependable travel camera in your dry bag. Except for dry bags, severe downpours have a dreadful habit of permeating everything and anything. You may also just carry along a few big Ziploc bags.

Strong mosquito repellent

Apart from itchy bites, malaria is a severe issue in many areas during the monsoon; thus, it is advisable to take all necessary precautions to avoid being bitten.

Fresh clothes/shoe fresheners

Even if your clothes and shoes don't smell okay, deodorants and similar products can help ensure they smell okay.

Waterproof hiking Shoes/sandals 

If you plan to hike through jungle paths, wear a reliable pair of closed hiking boots and long socks unless the thought of tiny little parasitic buggers sucking up your blood appeals to you.

Antibiotic cream

When you are attacked by leeches, mosquitoes, or other animals, wounds are created, and blood leaks out. It's not a good idea to go through floodwaters and rain while having open sores, as you would have predicted. Treat your cuts and wounds with antiseptic cream before bandaging them.

Travel In Monsoon: Do’s And Don’ts:


Check weather situations

Impulsive travel may seem exhilarating, but not on days when it's raining. Remember to look up the weather forecast and the degree of unpredictability at the destination before purchasing your tickets and setting out for a fun time. These days, most weather forecast applications give you a decent image of the conditions at your location.

Choose wise destinations

Your choice will ultimately make you regret it more quickly than raindrops! If you intend to travel to the hilly areas of the subcontinent during the monsoons, you risk suffering much from Mother Nature's wrath. Don't mudslides, floods, and landslides sound crazy? Avoiding these regions at this time would be your best bet. 

Carry a first aid box

Mosquitoes enjoy monsoons as much as we do. Having repellents on hand always helps because they are looking for human flesh to bite. Similar to how the monsoon pandemic is the rains' nasty twin, you are frequently advised to take specific preventative measures. It should be mandatory to keep over-the-counter medications for a cough, cold, fever, flu, etc.

Pack smart

Being prepared for unforeseen circumstances will pay off while moving. Carrying long-lasting, dry foods like biscuits, cup noodles, and nuts that provide immediate energy is in your best interest. When the sun sets, and you accidentally end up in a dark cave, a torch and additional batteries will be your saviours.

Mind your clothes

Getting wet could be enjoyable as long as your immune system is ready to fight off infections. When you go hiking, water rafting, kayaking, or playing rain volleyball, wearing waterproof clothes can help you avoid collateral harm. Wearing quick-drying synthetic clothing and a great pair of non-slip, water-resistant shoes should provide you with adequate protection from the erratic weather; in addition, these measures also prevent the growth of fungi. During monsoon trips, it is wise to make your raincoat and boots your loving soulmates and your umbrella your greatest friend.


Eat street food

Although putting this advice into practice on the go can be challenging, it is the most important safety measure any traveller must take during the rainy season. While it is not always easy to find hygienic meals, it is not entirely impossible if you are well-prepared. You can avoid starvation by carrying some hot water and ready-to-eat food.

Befriend waves

Regardless of the season, many people adore the beaches. High tides and powerful waves that crash into the shore are brought on by the rainy season. Boys and girls who want to test their luck on an adventure at the beach must be well-versed in the safety guidelines. However, calm seas and mild showers may be excellent for soulful swimming.

Take a rush hour commute

Even more dangerous than flooded roads during the monsoons is rush hour. Rain cannot stop local commerce from operating, and commuter traffic won't either. Avoid sprinting for public transport and being pushed around in the rain when visiting crowded cities that frequently become saturated during monsoon season, making them accident-prone.

Undergo risky activities

The best adrenaline-pumping activities are rock climbing, abseiling, rafting, caving, bouldering, and canyoning. Enormous adventures come with enormous risks, particularly during the rainy season, such as mishaps, injuries, property loss, and even fatalities. Many tour organizers advise against participating in such activities since they may be dangerous.

Make house tents in low-lying areas

It is advisable to stay away from camping in low-lying locations during monsoon season if you want to enjoy nature fully. If you do, running or still water may result in annoyances such as the hatching of reptiles and mosquitoes, flooding of tents, and the washing away of all necessities while all you can ever do is sigh in resignation.


This list of some of the best places to travel in monsoon is intended to help you enjoy the experience of a pleasant road trip in the rain, the visual splendour surrounding these areas, and an unforgettable adventure. Monsoons make every place look heavenly. As you make travel and lodging arrangements, list your shopping and other lifestyle requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it reasonable to travel in the rainy season?

Depending upon your place of visit and what you carry, you can plan a good travel experience during the rainy season. Our article above shall help you plan your monsoon trip better.

Is it safe to travel by air in monsoon?

Yes, you can enjoy air travel during monsoons. However, there is always a risk of flight delays and cancellations. So, be assured of your travel itineraries. 

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