The difference between a great backpacking trip and a bad one is often about tiny details. There are numerous things to consider before embarking on your trekking adventure. Missing out on even the smallest detail can ruin your trip. That is not something we want to happen to you. As a result, we have created an ultimate backpacking checklist for your upcoming hiking trip.

Whether you are a first-time backpacker or a seasoned one, everyone could benefit from a checklist to ensure that they are well-prepared when they set out on the trail. Check out the links to each product for more information on each product category, which is the result of years of research and testing.


1. Comfortable Multi-pocket Trouser

When trekking, it is critical to wear pants that are not only light and comfortable but also have multiple pockets. So, when you have multiple pockets modular travel trousers for men, it is easier to access items whenever you need them. For instance, instead of keeping your phone in your bag all the time, keep it in one of the pockets and use it only when necessary.


2. Secure and Comfortable Backpack with multiple-pockets

Good trekking equipment can make or break your hiking trip. Good hiking equipment is essential whether you're going on a short trip or a month-long hiking expedition. Without a doubt, the first investment you should consider before setting out on a trail is a safe and comfortable backpack. Our travel backpack with 70L, 60L and 50L with multiple outer pockets for small items that can be easily accessed, even in the middle of the night, is essential. Here are some of our favorite hiking backpacks:


3. Anti-bacterial hiking t-shirt 

When going on a hike, people focus on what kind of shoes to wear, but they overlook the fact that the fabric of the t-shirt is also important. When it comes to trekking t-shirts, the market offers a variety of fabric options. Polyester is by far the most commonly used material in outdoor athletic wear. Merino wool, on the other hand, has far more advantages than polyester and is increasingly being used for sports apparel. Merino wool is superior for hiking because it is naturally antimicrobial and provides excellent comfort and odour control. As a result, you can wear the same t-shirt for several days without worrying about odour. Here's a link to our best-selling Merino t-shirt:


4. Travel Shirt & Organizer Wallet 

If you are going on a bike to your hiking spot and want to wear a shirt, you can go for our travel trekking t-shirt with hidden pockets. This shirt is perfect for both winter and summer! The shirt's fabric helps to prevent unpleasant odours and can keep you fresh for long periods of time. Besides, this shirt has hidden pockets to help you keep your credit cards, passport, and tickets handy and safe. You can also choose our large organizer wallet, which will keep your belongings safe and provide you with peace of mind.


5. Wash kit and Toiletry bag

You must be cautious when packing your toiletries because you do not want the contents of the bottles to spill and ruin the rest of your belongings in the bag. You also don't want to wake up in the morning and have to open and close multiple zips just to find a toothbrush and toothpaste. So, to avoid all of these hassles every morning while travelling ,invest in our travel wash kit and foldable toiletry bag to store your essentials.


6. Hiking cap/hats 

If you like hiking in the sunny weather, then hiking caps/hats are essential for you If you scale a mountain under harsh weather, it can make you feel dizzy and can also drain your energy. To protect yourself from harsh UV rays, heat stroke and sunburn, don’t forget to wear a hiking capor hat


7. Sleeping Mask and Inflatable Neck Pillow

You must be well-rested during your journey so that you can enjoy yourself to the fullest. As a result, Decathlon has created a sleeping mask and an Inflatable Neck Pillow to aid you in your travels and ensure your comfort. This mask and inflatable neck pillow help you to sleep comfortably when traveling by plane, train, or bus without putting any strain on your neck or eyes. So, if you have trouble sleeping while travelling, take a look at our sleeping masks and neck pillows.


8. Rigid accessory case

If you're going on a week-long or month-long trip, you'll need to bring your phone charger, camera charger, USB cables, and so on. However, you simply cannot store all of these wires alongside your other belongings. You'll need a proper case to keep all of your digital accessories and cables safe.

Our travel rigid case is robust and perfect for keeping your electronic accessories and cables together on your treks or day-to-day travels. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab it now! 


9. Code Lock for Backpack and dorm cabin

Lastly, when you are going on treks you don’t know when and with whom you are going to share your room/tent. As a result, it is critical to be prepared and to secure your luggage with a code lock. If you are staying alone in a dorm/rented room, you can use your lock for added security and protection.

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