Nervousness and Thrill - I experienced a strange blend of these emotions when I started travelling. With such conflicting feelings, I began to follow my passion: Exploring places and people.

Now covering 35 places in the last 45 months, Seldom I got stuck, and I learnt something new. In any way, I was earning something invaluable, which I will be sharing with you here to help you uplift the level of your self-belief.

1. Say no to procrastination

Don't delay your trips every time. Just get travelling. You are just as competent as anyone else. You are going to embrace what travelling has to offer you. 

2. Right Backpack

Good travel backpack is one of the most important gears, which store all the items and it is a long term investment. It must have multiple compartments, abrasion resistance, comfort, capacity and waterproofing will be a fantastic add on.

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3. Pack light 

This will be the most challenging thing about travel. "I might need this as well!!!" is so common. Let me share with you about the 80:20 Rule. You pack for the circumstances you'll need most of the time like T-shirts, undergarments, socks, these are things you'll wear every day. You don't need more than a week's worth of outfits. You can do laundry everywhere. You can buy it locally. I did my whole travelling with a 40-litre backpack and a 15-litre daypack. Pack intelligent, not bigger. Because a small backpack forces you to think creatively. That's the key; light is the best gift you can give yourself.

4. Don't be afraid of hostels 

Best of all, they're a magnificent way to meet new people.

5. Don't make it easy for thieves 

It is mandatory that you carry a lock with you and always carry band-aids, ointment for cuts, few medicines, and yes, pepper spray. 

6. Use public transport 

Ditch the packaged tours. Explore the place on foot. Visit the busiest market on the busiest days.

7.Carry Extra-Cash 

There are not ATMs everywhere. Always carry extra cash with you.

8. Research 

Do your analysis and homework well before planning your trip but be ready to accept all sorts of experiences befalling you and get out of your comfort zone. Take risks and try new things and challenge yourself. 

9. Don't rush 

Stop for a second, will you? Life is not a race. Let life throw surprises at you. These are some action-packed stories that you would like to tell your future kids and grandchildren! Travelling is beyond several countries you have visited or the photographs you will upload on social media. Be a little less "click happy."

10. Travelling is affordable

There is a misconception that travelling is expensive. Not at all! Bid goodbye to luxury. Stay at decent places, but don't go seeking the high life. Go for clean and simple. Eat at a restaurant that locals eat at. Do something adventurous. At the end of the day travelling makes you a better person, probably the best version of you someday.

11. Say Hi!!

It's a human trait to worry, and that's normal. Trust me, you don't take a trip; the trip takes you. So, break the ice; your single hello will do magic! You're not alone; there is a whole network out there who can be your friends. Be ready to meet like-minded people down the voyage. Even if you are proceeding solo, you are not on your own. 

(Bonus) Relax - So just breathe, chill, and be amused. The world is diverse and the same in ways you can't imagine. Let life throw surprises at you. Get out there and check it out.

In a world full of tourists, please be a traveler.

Happy travelling!

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