Swim Turns

Turns are often misunderstood, even by top-level swimmers.

Turns are often misunderstood, even by top-level swimmers. Most of the time, swimmers make their turns by doing far too many things at the same time. The most frequent mistake is moving from being on your back to being on your front, while turning at the same time.

It is preferable to separate these two actions for a more efficient and faster turn:

  • A good distance away from the wall, practise tumble turning around a single axis, like doing a simple forward roll
  • The second phase of tumble turning involves pushing against the wall to move away from it
  • After you have unfolded, you can get back into position on your stomach

A good swim turn consists of carrying out these different rotations at separate times.

Once you have a good command of this technique, you can spend more time doing dolphin kicks on your side before returning to your initial position on your stomach.



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