But you're also inclined toward starting the new year on the run to eliminate the excess weight that has piled on?

We, therefore, advice you to try swimming! Why? For countless reasons, but especially because it is one of the most complete and energy-consuming sports that help you burn maximum calories while promoting muscle growth. Not to mention how swimming in winter helps you relieve pain, wraps you with inner warmth, wards off stress and more. Here are the details;

swimming fins

1. Swimming with Swim Fins

A must before any physical exercise: A 10-minute warm-up without swimfins. Then put the swimfins on your feet, holding a float, alternate lengths on your back, kicking your legs, then flip over on to your tummy and do the dolphin kick. Repeat three or four times, then finish with a back crawl without swimfins. Beating with your legs helps to firm up your major glutes, the muscles that make up most of your buttocks.

For your gluteus medius (along your hips) and gluteus minimus (the deepest of muscles), remove your swimfins and do a few lengths of breast stroke. Make slow, well-rounded movements, bringing your legs back as quickly as possible to propel yourself ahead. 45 minutes, three times a week will soon produce visible results.


2. Why Use Short Swim Fins Rather Than Long Ones

Long swimfins are used by divers to move fast over long distances. They can cause back pain and are conducive to muscles gaining in volume… cyclist thighs, not exactly what you're aiming for, right? So, dive in with short swimfins specially designed for swimming!

3. How to Choose your Swim Fins

Prefer full foot fins, more comfortable than strap-on ones. To try them on, walk a short way backwards then shake your foot. They should stay right on your feet, otherwise you might have to contract your toe muscles to keep them on, which can cause cramp. We advise you to use Nabaiji silicon swimfins which are really flexible and comfortable! 

4. Do Aquafitness Exercises

In the large pool, adopt a sitting position with a noodle under each arm, knees bent. Open your knees, pushing to the side, then bring them back. You can vary your movements by putting your back to the side and hooking your elbows over the side, legs stretched out,. Open and close. Do at least three series of 15 movements during the session.

Another solution for firm buttocks: walk in the water, against the tide if the pool has this feature. Jump up and down in the water, pulling your knees towards your chest. Alternate walking and jumping.

To finish off, race in deep water, exactly as if you were jogging. Do this wearing Fixopiés and PullPush, which are half rigid, half flexible polypropylene and elastomer flowers. These accessories increase water resistance and make you really flex your glutes with each step. You can use them to run, jump and dance in deep water, thus gently toning up your whole lower body.


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