Swimming is a highly energy-intensive sport. One hour of swimming at a moderate pace will burn up almost 600 calories! Frequently asked question but not meaningless: How many calories can burn each stroke when practiced for one hour?   Here are the details:

swimming is energy-intensive sport
Calories Breakdown -Nabaji

But don’t be mistaken, it is important to know that swimming on the same stroke during one hour can be tedious and unpleasant (especially if you chose butterfly stroke). One hour of moderately paced swimming does not only burn those calories away but also helps you relax and clear your head.

An hour of butterfly burns those calories away, One hour can burn up to 920 calories which is a lot, the butterfly also helps you tone your abs and muscles as it uses every muscle in the body.

An hour of breaststroke will melt those unwanted fats away, while also getting you in shape, this stroke improves your arms, legs and abs. An hour of breaststroke will burn almost 840 calories.

Freestyle and backstroke are also effective and can be used to shed away those fats. An hour of freestyle and backstroke can burn you about 540 calories. They are not so difficult to execute and if you want to start your calorie burning process in the pool, then this is the best and most efficient method for you.    

Once, inside the pool, remember to alternate between the strokes. Moreover, changing the stroke allows you to work all parts of your body uniformly. By alternating three or four strokes during the same workout, you allow all your muscle groups to work efficiently and thus scorch all the more calories.

Swimming offers you four strokes that you can easily multiply with a very large number of exercises with or without training equipment. Imagine the scope of possibilities!

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