Covelong Surf Festival: What is it?

The Covelong Surf Festival is an international-level surf contest that began back in 2013 as a platform for budding surfing enthusiasts in Kovalam's rising surfing community. The festival is now an exciting event plentiful with travellers, fanatics and families who come to experience music, yoga and fitness alongside surfing. It is hosted annually by the Covelong Point Surf School and the TT Group in association with the Surfing Federation of India. This year will be the tenth edition of the Covelong festival, which will be held from August 9 to 11. Surfers from all over India participate in this thrilling sport with hundreds of spectators to cheer for. 

Who is the Covelong Surf Festival for?

The festival is for surfing, music, yoga and fitness lovers who wish to enjoy and experience the surfing community. Friends and families who are looking for something new and thrilling to be a part of should also visit the festival and witness the wonderful event. This festival is for everyone who appreciates culture and community and wishes to join in on this lovely adventurous time.

Events held during the festival

Alongside the main spectacular surfing competition, individuals should expect renowned yoga and meditation teachers, sound therapists, healers, musicians, beach activities and martial artists who will set up holistic and interactive workshops for integral wellness. A curated lineup of music artists and food stalls are designed for people to discover various unique street pieces and delicacies. The lineup of the workshops, stalls and events is posted on their social media page every year a few weeks before the festival begins. You can stop along the backside of the beach, where the musicians showcase their talent. This festival is an all-in-one stop to dive into the world of thrilling adventures with serene calm. 

Plan Your Visit: Covelong Surf Festival Dates & Location

The festival is annually held at Covelong Beach, Kovalam, Chennai. This year it is being hosted from August 9 to 11. The competition commences at 7:00 am. If you are planning to visit the festival, make sure you are aware of the fastest route to reach there in time to witness the wonderful event. If you are a participant, then make sure that your registration forms are in order alongside your equipment and gear needed for the competition. You can also visit their Instagram page to get regular updates and artist lineups for better planning and information. 

The nearest airport is Chennai International Airport, which is 36 kilometres away, and the nearest convenient railway station is Central, which is 39 kilometres away.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is the festival open to the public?

Yes, the festival is open to the public, and there is no entry fee. However, you need to register and buy tickets for the yoga workshops. 

  1. How can I participate in the surfing competitions?

You can register online at their official website, On selection, you may have to go through a few qualification rounds. 

  1. Are there any age restrictions for participating in the festival? 

Yes, there are different categories in which individuals can participate. You need to be above 16 years of age to participate, depending on the category (male or female). 

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