Staycation in its formal definition means; a holiday spent in one's home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions. In the context of the lockdown, campers, and outdoor lovers have shifted the definition a little bit and are going wild in their own homes and gardens. Are you doing the same? Share your virtual adventures on Instagram with #Staycation

The times they are a-changing and it's only normal that we all adapt and evolve with a little creativity; for cooped up outdoor enthusiasts, it's time to bring adventure to your home. Camping indoors is slightly different from the outdoors! For starters, you don't need to worry about the weather. :D

We've listed down a few fun ways to make the entire experience memorable with your family. Do write in the comments below if you have any other suggestions.

Where can I set up my campsite? 

  • My Living Space - 

Here's an off-the-wall idea - try to look at it as a practice, a training camping session before it's safe to head outdoors - Possibly your living room or any other room that offers space to recreate a little bit of the fun you find when you set off camping for a weekend. Don't forget to stick glow in the dark stars on your ceiling. 

  • My Terrace - 

Above the streets, beneath the stars, slightly different from traditional ‘wilderness’ camping, but still can provide an unparalleled intimacy with nature. 

  • My Garden or Backyard - 

Enjoy the great outdoors in your own backyard. If your house comes with a garden or a backyard, you're already very lucky: all the joys of a true mini-adventure and very little hardship. Find both connections, a deeper one with nature, and the so-called shallower one (but very essential) with wifi. 

Getting started: what do I need?

For starters, you will need a tent or tent(s) depending on how many of you plan to camp together. Try looking at pop-up tents, they are free-standing structures, easy to pitch. Make sure there's enough room for all members of your family to sleep together. 

A good sleeping bag is just as important as a good tent making sure that you're comfy. You'll have to sleep after all. Since you don't have to worry about temperature ratings, you can use a less expensive rectangular bag compared to the mummy-shaped bags used in colder temperatures. If you're camping in the terrace and it gets colder at night, make a choice accordingly. 

A sleeping pad or mattress is essential because it puts a layer of cushioning and insulating air between your body and the floor. Go as plush as you’d like and get the thickest, most comfy air mattress or pad that you can stuff into your tent since you don't have to worry about the weight if you had to carry it around in your backpack. 

If you're doing this, go all the way. Re-create an entire campsite with a few camping chairs and stools. It's also practical since you would like to sit around sometimes for some of the activities vs spending all the time inside the tent

Creating an ambience - 

  • Create a View - 

If you're camping inside the house and missing a view or craving some green, try positioning your tent in front of a large window or an artwork of the outdoors. Even if your view isn't quite like the mountains, you’ll still catch a glimpse of the night sky once the sun goes down. 

  • Light it Up - 

A few lights can completely transform any space and ambience. Set up a string of fairy lights around your tent or check out some classical camping lights and lanterns to get this party started with the rising of the moon.

  • Play Music - 

Chill vibes, mellow sounds... create a camping playlist and keep it playing in the background. It works wonders to set the mood. You could look at some country, indie-folk, or even songs that directly take you to the mountains like country roads or Led Zeppelin's famous over the hills and far away. You'd be lucky if you get some rain in the midst of all this. 

  • What's Cookin'?

Food is essential to any campsite. You might not be able to roast marshmallows in a real campfire but you can always enjoy them anywho by roasting them in the oven or enjoying them with a mug of hot chocolate. If you've pitched yourself in the garden, then do look at setting up a barbeque. Sides are very important: a bowl of lays, honey peanuts, fried sausages or salamis dipped generously in salsa sauce, not to evening chai and pakoras for the little ones and beer for the adults. Most importantly, to get the feel right, don't use your regular utensils, switch to camping cutlery with colourful plastic plates, spoons, and forks, cups, and tiffin sets

Plan activities 

  • Watch Movies - 

Here's a list of mountain movies and documentaries to watch at your campsite. Keep the outdoor spirit alive: these classic movies about the mountains is truly the next best thing that's sure to liven up any camper's mood indoors. 

  • Play Games -

Finally, get those board games out whether it's Monopoly, Taboo, Pictionary, and Uno to spend a fun-filled day with family or friends unless you're more of a Carroms or Darts person. Don't worry if you don't have any of these games, you can always play games like who's most likely, never have I ever, name place animal things, etc. Just be creative and have fun. 

  • Read books - 

You can also look at some quiet alone time curled- up inside your tent or if you set up a hammock, spending the afternoons reading or catching up on your favorite books that you've not had the time for all this while. 

  • Get Creative - 

Try some DIY activities or arts and crafts to spend your time productively. 

  • WFT (Work From Tent) -  

If you're stuck with work, you can always transform your campsite into your workspace. It will do wonders to kill the monotony of a regular working day and you're sure to be voted "best zoom background" for VCs.

Hope that's been enough inspiration to set up your own campsite. Share ideas and images in the comments below but most importantly have a great time with your family.

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