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“There is no Wi-Fi in the forest , but I promise you will find a connection”

You’ll probably need a different set of tools to connect to nature, and wifi isn't one of them. Getting outdoors is a great way to stay fit and healthy, reset and reboot as well as an opportunity to teach your kids to care and respect nature.

Camping can a wonderful experience or an uncomfortable one depending on your preparedness. These days there are plenty of campsites that provide you with all the basic gear and comforts.


  1. Tents

Camping Tents can be as simple as a quick pitch two man tent or as complex as a four bedroom villa style one. The tent you choose should be dependant on the environment you’re going to be camping in. For temperate to cold climates there’s many options at the Decathlon store. If you travel with family or if you’re a solo adventurer be sure to pick a size that works for you. If you pick a smaller size make sure you like the people you’re sharing it with :)

  1. Sleeping Bag + Sleeping Mat

When you’re out camping , the right choice of sleeping bag is of utmost importance. A sleeping bag is like a cooler. You put hot in it, things stay hot. You put in cold, things stay cold. If you go to bed cold, that’s how you’ll stay. Always get a sleeping bag that’s temperature rated a couple of degrees lower than what you’d expect at your camp.

After you’ve sorted your sleeping bag, you’d probably want to also get a sleeping pad or a foam mat. The ground can be cold, hard and sometimes bumpy - a mat to lie on will definitely make you sleep much better without breaking your back in the morning.

  1. Camping Chair

Depending on your mode of travel you could carry a camping chair to enjoy your time at camp. If you’re bike camping or motocamping a simple folding chair without backrest is ideal. If you have the luxury of a four wheeler the camping chair choices are endless. They have handy features like a place to keep your bottles, books and a nice back support to sink into.


  1. Head Torch

“ A light during the darkest hour is a blessing in disguise”

In all probability you will have little or no light at camp at night except for the campfire. Loo runs or walking around in the dark without light is a strict no-no. A Head torch or a handheld torch is a vital piece of gear for a camper to be carrying all the time in the evening . A head torch is more convenient as your hands are free to do whatever camp duties you’re on.


  1. Shoes

A pair of decent trekking shoes is a must in the outdoors even if you’re not up and about on a trek. During your time at the camp you will be walking on uneven surfaces or rocks so the soles on trekking shoes are ideal to cushion and brace you from a misstep.

  1. Water Bottle 

Hydration is super important when you’re under the harsh rays of the sun and being active around camp. Carry a metal water bottle so that you can tank up on your H2O needs, they’re durable and reusable hundreds of times. Avoid using plastics especially single use plastic water bottles. Here’s a good example of what you should consider.

  1. Hat/Sunglasses

Cowboys and campers, making hats look good since forever! The cool factor of a hat is that it with protects from the harsh sun along with giving a wicked adventure vibe. A hat also protects the back of your neck from getting sunburned. Since you’ve already upped the cool quotient pair it with a nice pair of outdoor sunglasses. We recommend the cycling goggles as they’re light, have UV protection and cheap enough to bash around at camp.

  1. First Aid Kit

Preparing food and walking around in the dark, going hiking and just being outside, you’re going to get scrapes, cuts, blisters and whatnot. Make your own first aid kit tailored to your individual needs. Some things to include: Betadine, Dettol, Cotton swabs, paracetamol and some band aids.

  1. Mosquito Repellent/Sunscreen

Unless you’re camping indoors there will be bugs. So be prepared with a bottle of Odomos Natural spray as it’s gentle on your skin and tough on bugs.Wherever you’re going, whenever the time of year, pack a big tube of SPF 50 Sunscreen to protect tanning. You’re going to be outside, in the sun for a long time.

  1. Trashbag

It’s good camping etiquette to gather all your trash in a trash bag and either have it disposed at a designated trashcan or carry it home with you to dispose. Leaving no trace allows the next camper to enjoy the campsite as much as you did.
Be sure to set up camp early and sit back to enjoy the sunset and the stars. Start off with a one day camping and then extend your trips as you get better at planning your equipment and keep growing from there. Rest be assured you’re going to hit some camping bumps but that’s the whole fun of camping learning experience!

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