The nights are short, and so are the days, governed by the rhythm of your little one's hunger, calling out to be satisfied.When breastfeeding, with a little organisation, there's no reason why you shouldn't exercise.However, there are a few tips and tricks that are always good to know.

1. The Right Timing

First of all, ladies, remember that there is no counter indication against walking, running, swimming, or cycling (and more) during the period when you are breastfeeding your child.Nevertheless, you need to be organised..."After a feed, according to the child's rhythm, there's no reason why the mother shouldn't get some fresh air for a couple of hours or go to the swimming pool," states Ludivine Boca, midwife."Obviously, you need to be organised and not leave just before the next feed."Bad timing could make things tricky for daddy or the nanny…

2. Your Bra : Your Best Friend!

If you're a runner, or if you have resumed an activity that might involve movements, jumps and vibrations of the body, such as team sports, tennis, horse riding or fitness, remember to keep your chest well supported!"New mothers need to wear a good bra, to support and hold a larger and sometimes more sensitive chest," Ludivine Boca emphasises."Also, it's not unusual to leak milk between feeds:to avoid little embarrassments, highly absorbent pads can be placed inside your supportive bra. These will allow you to exercise without issues."

3. Breast Pump And Bottle Feeding

What's more, even when breastfeeding, there's no reason why you shouldn't use a breast pump to extract milk if you need to be out for longer than usual."It's all a question of organisation," adds Caroline Bonnière."Young mothers can easily prepare for the next bottle feed before going out, and leave the job to the father or babysitter.This will allow her to have a slightly longer sports session than usual!"

And you, what are your tips for doing sport during the breastfeeding period?

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