Just because you're expecting, it doesn't mean you should rule out physical activity. Quite the opposite : moderate exercise with adaptations is recommended for pregnant women (with the green light from their doctor) who want to enjoy all the potential benefits of Pilates, swimming and walking,as well as other sports!


1. Strong Muscles to Help Carry Your Baby

"Continuing physical activity during pregnancy allows you to keep stimulating your joints and muscles," explains osteopath Caroline Bonnière. "Thanks to disciplines like yoga or Pilates, mums-to-be can stretch and adopt poses which will work flexibility and posture. Such exercises will work different muscle groups, which need gentle toning. For example, the back is really going to be put to the test for several months, carrying baby's weight. "Take good care of your spine and back muscles : by keeping them strong, you'll avoid certain problems.

Sports to play during prenancy

2. Breathe In, Breathe Out

Doing sport while pregnant, or at least enjoying physical activity, also allows you to keep working your breath. "During pregnancy, respiratory capacity is reduced, and it is important to keep stimulating the body to maintain it," states Anthony Gallet, an adaptive physical activity specialist at Le Bois private hospital (Lille). "Focusing on breathing work, for example in a yoga session, will also help the mother when she comes to give birth," explains Caroline Bonnière. "She can use the exercises she has done during her months of pregnancy!" Then, after giving birth, you will get back your full respiratory capacity faster.

Swimming exercise during pregnancy

3. Doing Sport While Pregnant: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Let's admit it: cravings are among the little luxuries you can allow yourself during pregnancy. It would be a shame to deprive yourself! Walking, swimming, gentle gym work and riding a bike or scooter will help you control weight gain by burning energy. "Keeping moving is good for circulation. It reduces blood pressure and the risk of diabetes," adds Caroline Bonnière. "There are many benefits. "Including psychological ones : during this period, attending group Pilates or gentle aquafitness classes stops mothers-to-be feeling alone, and allows them to share their experiences."

As Anthony Gallet states, "the idea is above all to listen to your body as much as possible." This is a good starting point when choosing an activity and rhythm that will benefit you… Whatever sport you pick, make sure you always get approval from your doctor, and never take any risks!


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