The advantage of mountain biking is that it allows you to vary the terrain to explore and introduce your parents to new horizons. In the outskirts, between fields and forests, or in the cities, there are multiple cycle trails and other paths that open up 1001 route possibilities for unforgettable family outings 

Keep in mind the abilities of all family members 

What a feeling of complete freedom to be just able to get on your bike and set off to (re) discover nature around you. Because let's face it, things seem very different from the angle of a two-wheeler ... But to take advantage of a ride that will please each member of your family, be sure to adapt the route to the abilities and practice of the oldest: keep in mind that aspiring cyclists do not yet have the same reflexes and skills as you! 

You’ll want to go to places with family-friendly cycle routes.

Choose a Comfortable Bike

Make sure you choose comfortable bikes for mum and dad so that they don't experience any kind of pain even when you're riding for longer durations. We recommend you choose from our range of hybrid cycles because they are the most comfortable to ride.

Safe Routes 

Try choosing safe tracks, for example, the ones that are inaccessible to cars. ” To give your parents confidence, choose forest paths or large cycle paths. Safe routes that are fairly simple to ride: the path must be rolling (instead of being uphill) and not present any difficulty. Do not hesitate to visit forest paths for example the tracks are generally quite wide, rolling and the environment is very pleasant! The smell of pine and wet undergrowth? In addition to the large forest tracks, green flows in urban areas or city stadiums, which are appearing in cities, are also suitable routes to consider for family rides.

Do some Preparations to have fun:  

Prepare a few yummy dishes so that you're able to set up a little picnic once you're a little tired from all the riding. Carry a tool-kit in your backpack with a track-pump, a bike toolbox, and a puncture repair kit to avoid unforeseen events ruin your trip. 

While you're varying our settings and trails, enrich your rides with a few stories and you're all set. 

Now that you know how to plan a family ride trip, it's time to go and convince your parents. 

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