A workout with an exercise ball is a highly beneficial way to improve balance and muscle tone. An exercise ball is air-filled, durable, and lightweight that provides a comfortable way to practice fitness workouts. Exercise ball is also known as Swiss ball, gym ball, yoga ball, or stability ball. Using an exercise ball is an easy and convenient tool, which doesn’t require you to be a physical therapist or personal trainer. It can be used with practicing Pilates and yoga, as well as in muscle building and strengthening exercises like stretching and abdominal exercises. Exercise ball can also be helpful in aerobic exercises and can be used in strength training exercise routines. Here are some of the fitness benefits of including exercise ball practices in your daily workout routine.


1.      Improve your flexibility:

Putting the exercise ball to correct use helps improve flexibility. You can use it to stretch your muscles and warm up before beginning your workout session. Using exercise ball helps prevent possible injury by keeping the muscles flexible and joints functional. It provides a constant support to your body while doing exercises, that leads to having lesser chances of sprains, twists, or jerks. It is an effective equipment for gymnasts as well, and provide them with the required flexibility and strength to perform difficult positions like leg bridges, back bridge, or bridge with an arm.


2.      Strengthen the core and leg muscles:

Using an exercise ball in the right manner helps strengthen the lower back muscles as well as abdominal muscles. These muscles protect the lumbar spine, and help maintain stability of the core in your body. Some of the muscles of the core area include rectus abdominis, obliquus abdominis, transverse abdominis, and erector spinae. We often put these muscles to use in our daily activities like reaching for something or lifting. These are the muscles that help in moving our body in the desired direction. Using the exercise ball helps in stabilizing the muscles and keep them in a more conditioned manner. Having a strong core helps in the protection of the lumbar area of your body and keep balance at the time of any weight-bearing stress. Moreover, having strong and stable core muscles also help in stabilizing the pelvis, spine, and shoulder. It also helps improve the strength of your leg muscles when used for sitting. Exercise ball provides an improved overall core and muscle strength as well as increases stability and control over them.


3.      Increase your balance and improve your posture:

Using the exercise ball requires you to use your back as well as abdominal muscles to maintain stability and balance on it. Even while you are just sitting on it, your enquire an active engagement of the stabilizer muscles to keep the balance maintained. This also helps you focus more on your posture and stabilization, that in turn leads to improvement in the body posture. Training with an exercise ball also helps in developing and maintaining a healthy posture. However, it becomes extremely important that while using an exercise ball, you maintain proper alignment and use it in the right manner, in order to gain the most effective results.


4.      Re-shape your body:

An exercise ball is an excellent tool for reshaping your body and sculpting your abs. Sitting on the exercise ball and maintaining the position makes you contract the lower limb muscles along with strengthening your ab and core muscles. If your target is to gain a flat tummy with sculpted abs, you can add gym ball exercises in your daily workout routine and practice different motions and movements on the exercise ball for attaining the most efficient results.


5.      Support during pregnancy:

Exercise ball can be a great aid equipment for pregnant women. They provide support in balancing and maintaining the extra weight as well as the change in the centre of gravity that is caused due to pregnancy. It can be used as a daily workout routine accessory for pregnant women, to increase their strength and learn labour exercises. It is an equipment that also provides support during the time of labour, with the help of certain positions gentle bouncing, rhythmic movement, and more.


6.      Other health benefits and uses:

Using an exercise ball leads you into the habit of adopting a good posture, that helps prevent backpains as well as strengthening of muscles and core. Apart from these benefits, gym ball helps in improving the function of the circulatory system of the body ,as your body undergoes micro-movements and stays in a non-static position. It would also help you in building muscle tone and gaining increased energy levels. It generally provides an overall improvement in the firmness, energy, and tone of your body. Moreover, it provides an increased versatility to your body and disciplines it to enhance the overall workout experience. It thus also helps in improving the overall efficiency of the workout training and routine by increasing the range and resistance. You can place the exercise ball between your back and a wall while keeping a standing position to give an exercise to your back and shoulder muscles. If you are suffering from back pain, you can use an exercise ball as a great equipment for rehabilitation and lighter forms of exercises to gain back the strength and stability. You can also perform crunches using the ball to gain core strength and abs. A gym ball also provides a stronger spinal cord in the long run and is also a great way of working out to burn calories on a daily basis. Moreover, it provides the comfort and convenience of your home in achieving all these advantages and benefits, as you do not need to go to the gym to use the exercise ball regularly. All you need to do is use the exercise ball in the right manner!

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