1. Clothing

small girl walking in the sun

Try using light-coloured, loose and lightweight clothes that facilitate ventilation. Certain fabrics made of breathable materials exist that evacuate perspiration more efficiently.

A cap made of breathable material is strongly recommended for protection against UV rays.

Sunglasses protect the eyes against the sun, and they also prevent the face from contracting in bright sunlight.

2. Skin Protection

girl applying sun protection

It is essential to protect the skin against the rays of the sun during physical activity.

But careful which cream you choose. Your perspiration must be evacuated without becoming diluted with the cream.

Choose a cream adapted to sport.

3. Hydration

girl drinking water before running

It is also essential to remain well hydrated when exercising in hot weather.

If the effort lasts less than 1 hour, then just water is enough. Beyond 1 hour, you should prefer an energy drink.

Remember to drink before, during and after your effort. Drink regularly (every 10 to 15 minutes) in small quantities (one or two mouthfuls).

The drink can be cool, but not chilled. Otherwise it can cause stomach pains.

woman applying skin protection cream to a kid

4. Look Out for a Heatstroke

Heatstroke causes dizziness, exhaustion, a rapid heartbeat, severe sweating, headaches and stomach pain.

The more humid the weather, the greater the danger.

When the slightest symptom appears, you have to stop the effort and start drinking, otherwise the heatstroke can become a medical emergency.


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