Perhaps it is one of the most difficult tennis moves to master, it’s the overhead smash. It involves hitting a ball over your head and into your opponent’s court with force. Typically occurring when your opponent hits a lob that isn’t high enough or doesn’t have enough topspin, setting up the opportune moment to execute the smash – especially if you’re not too far from the net.

It’s an aggressive shot that you can use if you’re looking to end a rally and secure a point. Hitting an overhead smash is somewhat similar to serving. However, it is done over your head and while on the move. Run forward or backpedal in order to get to the ball, before swinging your dominant arm back, much like a golf backswing. You may wish to place your other arm in the air as well, in order to sight the ball but it’s really up to you.

Make contact with the ball at the highest point you can get to, using your strength to hit it downwards, over the net, and into the opposite court. Because of the force of the shot, a successfully executed overhead smash is often likely to cause your opponent to be unable to return it, winning you the point. As an overhead smash is a challenging shot that requires coordination, footwork, strength, and aim, it is a move not often favoured by beginners.

However, if you wish to wow your friends during your next game, working on the following drill may just help you to pick it up! We recommend you work with a companion who is fairly proficient with his or her lobs. Stand close to the net and get him or her to feed you a lob that needs some backpedaling to return the shot with an overhead smash. The next shot that your companion feeds you should be closer to the net, requiring you to run forward in order to smash it. Here, this drill not only helps you to practice your overhead smash; it also polishes your footwork and coordination! You’ll have to get all those elements in sync if you want to smash the ball and leave your partner scrambling for the next point.

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