What are the Fundamentals? 

Fundamentals are the basic, a primary rule of thumb on which something is based, and in this case, it's Tennis.Learning the fundamentals of Tennis at any age can seem like a difficult task and in particular to kids, it's slightly more challenging as their muscle power and playing skills are still at an early stage of development. For any sport, rules are really important. Hence, it becomes essential for the coach and the parents to feed the rules of the sport into the minds of learners and young kids for them to further into good practice. 

Basic Rules of Tennis:

1) The main purpose of the game is to score more points than your opponent by hitting the tennis ball to specific areas of the court (also known as a strategic location) on the opposite side of the court so that the opponent isn't able to reach and hit the ball.

There are two types of courts:

  • Quick-Start Court (also known as Mini Tennis Court) is normally used for kids under the age of 8 years.
  • Standard Court, used for older kids where normal scoring applies.

2) In order to start a game, the service is really important. Without serve, a game of tennis won't start. Two terms in tennis that are used extensively are,  “server” and “receiver”.

A receiver is on the opposite side of the court. When you start to serve, you have the opportunity to serve two times in a single point. If you place the balls in the diagonal box to the opponent, then the point moves forward but if not then the service is called a “fault” after which the server is given another opportunity to serve. If the player isn't able to put the ball in the right place again, then it's called a “double fault." The point is over here and the next point starts. If the ball touches any part of the boundary line of a service box, then it is considered a fair ball. In kids’ tennis, kids have to call out the point before they attempt to serve.

3) The scoring for both, mini tennis and traditional are totally different.

Scoring for Mini Tennis or Quick-Start Tennis

In a mini tennis match, whichever player scores the 7 points first wins the match unlike the traditional scoring pattern of 15-30-40-love. In this format, kids use a simple 1-2-3-point pattern for every serve.The first player serves for two points and then the serve goes to the opponent who serves for two points and then they switch their respective sides. The players keep on playing until one of the players wins the 7 points.

Difference between the Mini Tennis format and Traditional Tennis :

  • In the Mini Tennis format, there is no deuce and the players don’t have to win by the difference of 2 points.
  • In the traditional way of tennis, the scoring happens to be in the pattern of 15-30-40-love. And the players have to win with the difference of 2 points.

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