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Akash Bhattacharjee

Sport Leader Decathlon Belapur
Cycling and Badminton


After completing my BE-IT, I thought of Re-Engineering myself and following my passion of cycling which indeed lead me to a job in decathlon where I am not only happy to work but I can practice my sport surrounded by like-minded people and use my skills to a 100% and lay below the stary sky with a subtle smile of satisfaction for making the use of my daylight to it's fullest. apart from that, I am a foodie from the bottom of my heart and a tech-savvy with a never give up attitude with a tinch of thirst for adding some adventure to my life al the time.

Written by Author
How to keep kids busy indoors without screen time

The best way to make them stay put is to engage them (not with mobiles and tv) but through different sports and activities that can be done indoors.

Akash Bhattacharjee
March 30, 2020
min read
Cycling: Benefits of Training at Home with a Home Trainer

Cycling is an outdoor sport, that's what people know but there is another side of the coin where a bike, when paired with a simple home trainer, becomes a great fat burner or a fitness machine that can be used at home.

Akash Bhattacharjee
March 20, 2020
min read
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