Screen tints, size, ventilation and anti-fogging ... there are snowboard goggles for all occasions to ensure good visibility and optimum protection on the slopes. So how to make sure you choose the right one?

Your choice of snowboard goggles should be based on 3 criteria: weather, anti-fogging and size.

1. Weather

All snowboard masks offer 100% UV protection.

The screen is clear, yellow in colour to allow a better view of the lie of the land.

Removable screens, photo chromatic screens, electro-photo chromatic screens to change the screen tint depending on the weather

The screen is dark for optimal visibility.

2. Anti-Fogging

Masks come with an anti-fogging treatment to avoid any inconvenience.

Simple Screen

With anti-fogging treatment of the inside screen. Essential level

Ventilated Double Screen

For maximum ventilation and anti-fog treatment. Optimal level

Double Screen

With anti-fog treatment, with an insulating air pocket creating a thermal filter. High-performance level

3. Size

It is important to make sure that you choose the right size for your goggles. There are two sizes: S and L. Il 

If you normally wear glasses, go for

For kids and thin faces

For wide faces

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