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1. Does my snowboard already come waxed at the time of purchase?

Yes, all our snowboards are already waxed upon leaving the factory, therefore they are ready for the snow even up to 6 months after the purchase date. Simply store it inside, away from sunlight.

We also recommend that you remove the technical specifications label from the sole before storing.

2. How much time between the purchase date and the first use before the board requires re-waxing?

Even if you wait 6 months after the purchase date before using your snowboard, the wax will still be in a good condition if the storage conditions above have been applied.

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3. How Many times can I use the board that has been waxed in the factory before restoring it? How long can I use the board with his factory wax before re-waxing it ?

A maximum of between 5-10 times; the difficulty when snowboarding are the flat sections, we therefore recommend you to  have the best glide possible, and to do this, we recommend you to wax the board after every 5 sessions.

Snowboards are more difficult to wax than skis as the surface (greater amount of wax) is more difficult to get flatten the sole; this is why we recommend that professionals perform this operation.

4. How long before I have to sharpen the edges ?

There is no recommended time frame, it depends on usage. Generally speaking, during maintenance operations at the end of the season (sharpening/waxing) or at the beginning of the season.

Monitor the edges regularly if you’ve snowboarded over stones and "bumps" and treads have appeared; in such case, you should sharpen edges to ensure good grip.

5. How do I store my board ?


  • Go over the board with a cloth at the end of the day to avoid the appearance of rust.
  • Try not to leave the board in direct sunlight, particularly the base.
  • Do not place your board on loose gravel or standing upright against a plastered wall

At the end of the Season:

The most important thing is to protect the sole of your snowboard to maintain the glide properties. We therefore recommend taking your board to the workshop to restore the base so that it is flat, to remove scratches and to restore the correct structure. In the case of end of season storage, a basic waxing procedure which does not include scraping will be applied to provide a protective layer over the sole.

Store your equipment in a dry place, to avoid the appearance of any rust. So, you should try to avoid the garage, the garden shed or cellar etc. If you can, opt for a room in the house. We recommend that you ideally store your equipment in a protective cover.

6. Do I have to remove the bindings during summer ?

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There is no reason to remove the bindings, they allow you to keep the adjustments and stop you from losing the screws and bolts.

You now have all the information required to look after your snowboard equipment as best as possible! All that is left to do is hit the slopes with your family or friends.


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