1. Develop CO-Ordination and Motor Skills

The Body and Mind are United!

Your child’s body is constantly developing and coordination has to keep up with their growth. Basically, a child’s body schema* is not fully established and needs to gain strength. Racket sports like badminton, table tennis, tennis make them work on their motor skills in relation to a projectile. To be able to play, they have to remain mobile at all times, the right distance from the projectile and make a correct movement to send it back towards their opponent.

The use of elements external to the body is a plus: they become aware of their body, and their capabilities and limits in space. It’s an integral part of their psychomotor learning.

*Awareness of the body and its position in space.

2. Muscle Development

Muscles and Balance Harmony Through Racket Sports!

In addition to improving their coordination, racket sports can also help children can gain muscle strength. In fact, racket sports are ideal for developing all parts of your child’s body:

  1. Upper body: hitting balls, hip rotation, core strengthening.
  2. Lower body: acceleration, change of direction, jumps, endurance.

This muscle strengthening will enable your child to acquire the notion of balance – extremely important in their physical development. Racket sports call constantly on balance: transfer of weight from right to left legs, jumping and landing, constant placement and replacement.

3. Developing Their Eye

kids playing tennis

Better Eyesight to Discover Life and Grow Up!

If there’s one type of sport that can develop your child’s eye then it’s racket sports.

The projectiles in racket sports all have different trajectories: a shuttlecock in badminton can fly flat or drop from the sky, straight or cross-court. And the same goes for tennis and table tennis balls. Your eye is constantly challenged when analyzing these trajectories. Your child will develop better visual acuity.

4. An Undeniable Psychological & Social Boost

Friends and Psychological Development, the Ideal Recipe for a Growing Child!

Just as the “physical development” factor is extremely important for children, so is the psychological aspect. During play, your child will have to use notions that are quite vague at first, but that will help them to develop mentally. Racket sports are played in groups but always face to face. Your child will develop their autonomy and will be required to make their own decisions. In turn, these decisions will help develop their self-esteem and autonomy. It’s a virtuous circle that brings a great deal to your child’s development.

Socially speaking, Sport is generally a good thing. It enables children to create social relationships in a context that doesn’t necessarily involve school. Relationships are forged therefore on different aspects such as physical performance and their role and place within a group.

Racket sports are beneficial when it comes to your child’s development. Kids can burn off energy using suitable equipment.

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