If you're a goalkeeper, gloves are an essential part of your kit. KIPSTA offers a full range of gloves suitable for anything from casual to league play.

Which gloves are suitable for you? - Choosing Goalkeeper Gloves depends on how you intend to use them and the features you're looking for.

1. For Casual Play

Goalkeeper Gloves for Casual Play
Goalkeeper Gloves For Casual Play

If you play occasionally on a casual basis at home, you should above all look for a strong pair of gloves (made of durable foam and synthetic latex palms). For this we recommend the FIRST model.

2. For Training

Goalkeeper Gloves For Training
Goalkeeper Gloves For Training

If you train regularly for a club, a product with good support (as well as durability) should be your number one priority, i.e. gloves with velcro straps (fastened at the wrist) and elasticated wrists. This type of product is also better adapted to your hand shape, featuring a preformed latex palm to help you catch the ball more easily. The F100 and F500 models feature all these benefits rolled into one.

3. For Competitive Play

Gloves with good palm grip
Gloves With Good Palm Grip

If you play regular competitive football for a club (at a high level), you should be looking for a glove with the best possible palm grip for optimal ball grip (supersoft latex with comfort foam). Some gloves even feature double Velcro fastening for optimal support as well as EU compliant finger locking to protect against impact. We recommend the following models: the F900 combi-stitch, F900 Finger Protect and F500 Protect (for children).


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