Choosing boxing gloves depends on your level (novice, advanced). There are two criteria to consider: perspiration wicking and durability. Follow our guide to find the right gloves!

kid wearing boxing gloves

1. Your Level

If you're new to boxing and train once a week, opt for a glove with good palm ventilation with a breathable material such as mesh or with microperforations.

If you're an advanced boxer and train two or three times a week in a club or on a punch bag, choose a glove with a thick outer such as leather or synthetic leather. Over time, your gloves will begin to wear at the impact zones, so it is key to find a durable glove that can withstand wear and tear.

boxing gloves

2. The Size

Boxing gloves have a specific sizing system expressed in ounces (oz).

This reflects the weight of the gloves (and therefore their level of protection) and corresponds to the boxer's weight.

The following guide can help you choose:

6 oz< 50 kg
8 oz 51 to 63 kg
10 oz 64 to 74 kg
12 oz 75 to 90 kg
14 and 16 oz> 90 kg


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