1. Boxing isn't Just for Men

For many women, boxing seems like a violent sport. But make no mistake: each year more and more women are being seduced by this sport. It's an excellent means for them to break out of their daily routine, let off steam and release the stress that all women are faced with at times.

Women's boxing is an increasingly popular discipline with plenty of people taking it up each year. While it has lacked recognition and receives little media coverage, the sport is seeking to carve out a place for itself in the tight-knit, male-dominated world of combat sports. It's also seeking to break out of the clichés and preconceptions that still surround the world of boxing.

2. Why Should Women Take Up Boxing?

Fed up with everyday problems? Wait no longer. Discover the benefits of boxing today! It's an ideal sport to clear your head and let off whatever steam has built up. And according to female champion boxers, this discipline helps you build self-assurance and self-confidence. It's also an excellent way to sculpt your dream body since it actively works all of your muscles!

As you've probably guessed, boxing benefits both mind and body. It's a discipline that can help active women build initiative and self-control, and learn to channel their energy. It's also an effective way to relieve stress and everyday worries. Its impact on everyday life is undeniable; boxing teaches you to step back, put complex issues into proper perspective, and handle situations better.

From a physical point of view, it builds your cardiovascular abilities and works all of your muscles, since the body is always in motion. Biceps, triceps, abs, legs, glutes: they all get a good workout! So are you ready for some well-toned arms, nicely-shaped derrière, firm body and a slim figure? It's also an ideal way to drop any extra pounds as the body draws on its fat reserves during training. So no more excuses. Start today!

3. OK, Boxing It is! Now, Which Kind?

Since there are different types of boxing, here's a summary of the most popular to help you decide which are best suited to you.

Savate involves both punching and kicking your opponent. Its aesthetically-pleasing aspect makes it a favourite among women.

Muay Thai uses every part of your body as every kind of punch and kick is permitted. It's an ideal sport for sculpting the entire body and learning how to use it to the full. However, it's a very tiring sport since it requires a great deal of strength and less strategy than Boxing or Savate. It's not yet that common among women.

American kickboxing or full contact is highly physically demanding because you have to continuously raise your legs above waist height. It's a sport where style and technique are important and much admired.

Boxing is the most well-known of all of these sports, and the most common among women. Tactics play a huge part as only the fists can be used. The large increase in news coverage and films about women and boxing in recent years has made the sport highly popular with women. It requires finesse and rapid movements. It's definitely the most challenging type of boxing to master as winning a fight is very difficult. In 2012, women's boxing came into its own as it was included as an official sport at the Olympic Games for the first time. An historic victory!

An increasing number of women are taking up boxing as it helps them let off steam and slim their figures. It's a fast-growing sport that isn't just for men. These days, boxing is for women too! Find out more about all the great benefits of one of today's hottest sports.

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