Contrary to what most of the people think, fitness walking requires shoes that are suited to the specific requirements of your feet. Follow the guide!

For fitness walking, it is essential to have flexible shoes that follow the motion of the foot.Then, the model you choose will depend on how you walk, how often you walk and the weather conditions!

Have you just Taken up Fitness Walking?

If you are beginner in this simple and effective sport, we recommend reading our article Why does fitness walking require special shoes ? 

There you will find all the explanations of the exact needs your feet have when you walk and you'll also find explanations about the heel-to-toe transition, the specific foot motion in fitness walking that notably requires flexible shoes to accompany it

Type of Fitness Walking

Fitness walking is a sport that is done at different paces and for different reasons. As a result, it is possible to identify the following three different types of fitness walking:

walking with pole

If you walk with poles to feel good and strengthen your body, you need

moderate pace

If you walk at a moderate pace to feel good, you need

fast pace

If you walk at a fast pace in order to strengthen your muscles and your heart, then your need

What Kind of Fitness Walker are you?

As explained in the introduction, fitness walking can be practised at different rhythms and for different reasons. Your fitness walking shoes, in addition to being flexible to accompany your foot's heel-to-toe transition should also be chosen according to the type of walking you practise:

  1. Active Walker

If you walk at a moderate pace (under 6km/h) to feel good in body and mind and/or to get back in shape, you are an active walker. When you are active walking you need a flexible shoe to accompany the heel-to-toe transition of your foot in addition to good cushioning !

When you are active walking the impact of your foot on the ground is 1.5 times the weight of your body with each step. In order to limit feeling this impact and thus gain more comfort, you should choose flexible active walking shoes that are equipped with good cushioning.

  1. Power Walker

If you walk at a faster pace, (above 6km/h) to strengthen your heart and tone your body you are a fast walker. When you are fast walking you need a flexible shoe to accompany the heel-to-toe transition of your foot in addition to propulsion !

The faster you walk, the greater the movement of your foot (from the heel strike to the front push off). In fast walking you are trying to go faster and faster so you need a pair of shoes to accompany this dynamic movement: rear grips, grip and front propulsion through the big toe. We recommend choosing fast walking shoes designed especially to bring you more propulsion: Propulse Walking Technology, present in all of Newfeel's fast walking shoes, is a specific technology that meets this need !

  1. Nordic Walker

If you walk with poles for fitness or to strengthen your heart and tone your body, you are a Nordic walker. When you are Nordic walking you need a flexible shoe to accompany the heel-to-toe transition of your foot in addition to grip.

Nordic walking is generally done on versatile terrains that can be quite loose and wet such as country paths, forest paths, walking across grass, etc. These types of more specific ground need a choice of footwear that is flexible and that can offer good grip on various types of terrain to avoid slipping and to maintain a dynamic pace of Nordic walking.

Walking Frequency

In order to make the most of your outings, it is important to choose fitness walking shoes according to how often you practice the sport:

If you walk less then than once week.

If you walk twice a week or more.

If you walk about once a week.

Weather Conditions

To keep your feet as comfortable as possible when fitness walking, you must choose footwear that complies with the following different weather conditions:

water repellent shoes

You need water repellent shoes that protects your feet from light rain without being too hot in dry conditions.

waterproof shoes

You need waterproof footwear that keeps your feet completely dry.

breathable shoes

You need breathable shoes that allow you feet to breathe.

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