Newfeel, Decathlon's Walking Brand!

With its promise of natural body movements at your top sporting pace, Newfeel is an obvious choice of name. What could be better than rediscovering a full range of walking sensations, right down to the tips of your toes?

Fitness walking is a source of well-being and energy. Ever since it was set up, Newfeel has been working to provide the best response to your needs, for guaranteed fitness walking benefits: innovative equipment adapted to your pace, speed, motives and above your walker's feet.

More and more of you are taking up walking, whether in parks, towns or on roads. Every day, you write to tell us that this sport is your "breath of fresh air", a way to "gently let off steam" or "tone up".

Whether you walk near your home or in competitive events, we listen to your views to provide technology, products, and tips that meet your expectations as closely as possible.

Newfeel helps you get more enjoyment out of walking, inspired by you!

walking shoes

Why we're raving about the new PW 540? 

PW as you can guess stands for Power Walking. The PW 540 is a replacement of the Soft 540, the essential difference in one word is "comfort" and if we have to add another one, it's "better grip", an important component or necessity of any shoe. 

The development was a result of feedback received from our users which took us back to the drawing board where we began re-designing a more comfortable and powerful version of the 540 best suited for our walking enthusiasts. 

The technology used in the PW 540

technology used in PW 540

1. Flex H + For the Sole 


which means more Flexibility & Dynamism. It is the revised technology of FLEX-H. During your propulsion phase, your foot bends sharply at an angle around 35 degrees. i.e twice as much as running. So, to ensure good flexibility for PW 540 Walking Shoes, we came up with the concept of FLEX H+.

It ensures optimum flexibility, during the propulsion phase.


2. Specific Heel Geometry

heel of the shoes

During the strike phase, your foot touches the ground with the tip of your heel, forming an angle of around 30 degrees. The force of impact is less than when running: 1.5 times your body weight when compared to 3 times your body weight when running. PW 540 Walking shoes have the best cushioning & it is more comfortable to walk every day.

The PW 540 features the heel roll concept. The geometric shape of the heel improves heel-to-toe transition (heel angle) & provides better support inside the shoe. Therefore, Walking is much more comfortable as a result.

Special Features 

energy response sole

Energy Response: Dual material Sole – Bi density EVA outsole, for Dynamism.

better grip shoes

Grip: It has a better grip ( Rubber Sole ).

Comfort: Soft, Stretch mesh.

Product Benefits 

breathable shoes

Breathable: Its ventilated mesh allows the foot to breathe when fitness walking.

elastic sole

Flexible: Its Flex-H+ elasticated sole and flex grooves provide optimal flexibility.

lightweight shoes

Lightweight: It is very lightweight which is 290g in size 9

comfortable shoes

Comfortable: Its construction, fabric and flexible sole provide optimal comfort

foot motion

Foot motion: The heel geometry guides and stabilizes your foot placement

energy return

Energy return: Sole geometry & components provides better propulsion

Maintenance advice:

  • Use a wet cloth to clean your PW 540 Walking shoes – you can use a toothbrush to clean the sides
  • You can also use any stain remover to remove stains from your walking shoes. Don’t rub hard with your brush, It may cause damage.
  • After washing your shoes, dry it in the open air.
  • Don’t keep your PW 540 walking shoes in direct contact with sunlight, it might change your shoe color.


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