Active walking is an activity that can be practised at any time, indoors and outdoors. Walking indoors is sometimes a tempting option when the weather conditions are not promising... But admit that walking outdoors, in a park or by the water's edge, is always more inspiring for your mind as well as for your body!

Active walking, even better outdoors: proven, 6 times over!

  1. Walking Outdoors: A Moment of Total Decompression

It has been scientifically proven that: practising outdoor sports generates positive thoughts and limits the negative effects of stress on the body.

So what are you waiting for, get outside! Firstly, simply allow yourself to be bathed in these relaxing effects, whilst reconnecting yourself to the nature all around you: observe, listen, inhale… In one word: unwind!

The best way? Walk in the morning to prime your physical and mental energy for facing the day ahead.

  1. Walking in the Fresh Air: A Real Burst of Oxygen

When you go outside, you breathe in fresh air and improve your body's overall oxygenation.

In doing so, you also learn to breathe properly and as you increase the number of outings your lung capacity will also increase.

  1. Enjoy a Session of Active Walking in the Sun: Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Walking outdoors also gives you all the benefits of natural light and its contribution to the body's health.

By fair weather or foul, your body will get its daily dose of vitamin D. Also known as the "sunshine vitamin", D boosts your cardio-vascular system and strengthens your bones. A truly natural light-therapy session!

  1. Fast Walking Outdoors: Find your Happy Place

During your active walking session, when you are at your physical peak, your body naturally secretes endorphins, those famous "happy hormones".

It also produces serotonin, the pleasure hormone, whose production is particularly accentuated under the effects of sunlight: you'll be at the very top of your form!

  1. Walking on Uneven Ground: Works Muscles even more Intensely

Unlike in the gym, nature offers a changeable walking terrain with its unceasing relief.

Use these irregularities to your benefit, the uphill and downhill stretches will vary your walk and your physical efforts.

You will simultaneously be toning up your buttocks and thigh muscles!

  1. Explore a new Natural Environment and Routine goes out of the Window

Changing your environment regularly (park, forest, lake, etc.) stops you from falling into an uninspiring routine. By always treading the same path or running on the spot on your treadmill, you will find yourself less motivated to practise sport and gradually lose your enthusiasm. This is nothing surprising!
By varying your outdoor active walking sessions, you will foster your motivation and be more likely to practise over the long term, in all weathers!

What are your personal reasons for outdoor active walking? Over to you! What are your reasons for doing fitness walking outside?


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