Take your first steps on the water any time you want with the ITIWIT brand. When it comes to stand up paddles (SUP), you have a wide range to choose from. It is easy to get lost when you are buying one for the first time. Stand up paddle for occasional or regular trips? Detachable or adjustable paddle? ITIWIT invites you to ask the right questions to make the right choice.


You can choose a stand up paddle board according to several criteria: 


1. Depending On Your Level

Itiwit offers 2 levels of stand up paddling:

first level for stand up paddling

Beginner Stand-Up Paddle Touring I am a beginner, the best thing for me is a sturdy and affordable paddle with a blade that is very stable in the water.

learn stand up paddling

Intermediate Stand-Up Paddle Touring and Racing I am an intermediate, a carbon or fibreglass paddle would be best for me.More lightweight and efficient.

2. Depending On The Type of Paddle

choose your standing paddle


Paddles can be fixed, adjustable or detachable/adjustable.

  1. To adjust the paddle according to your size or your activity level or to lend it to your friends and family.
  2. more compact, they can be split into two parts and fit into a stand up paddle bag (89 cm). You will also be able to adjust it according to your size, your activity level and thus can lend it to your friends and family.
  3. Intended for 1 person. They are pleasantly more lightweight than adjustable paddles.

3. Depending On My Size

Choose your stand up paddle size

To know which standard size of SUP paddle would suit you best, hold it straight in front of you, blade on the floor. Your wrist should be just able to comfortably bend over the paddle handle when your arm is extended above your head.

Paddle length = your size + 17 to 27 cm

Paddle length = your size + 20 to 30 cm (a longer paddle will give you more power, better amplitude and better position)

Length paddle = your size + 10 to 20 cm (a shorter paddle for surfing will be less cumbersome)



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