A good pair of cricket shoes is always a must when you step out to play either a fast paced match or at the training nets prepping for an upcoming match. Cricket shoes help you to give the much needed support to your feet and will even help you perform better on the pitch! A sturdy pair of cricket shoes will also protect you from injuries. 

If you are a batsman, a perfect pair of cricket shoes can give you the correct posture and stance to face the incoming ball. For bowlers, the right pair of cricket shoes can help you in landing perfectly and stabilizing your hand during the overarm delivery, and if you are a fielder, the right shoes will propel you to run faster and provide balance. 

In order to choose the right pair of cricket shoes, the player has to determine his role as a cricketer if he/she is a batsman, then on which side are the deliveries being hit accordingly the shoes can be decided. For example, if the player hits more on the leg side, he/she requires shoes that provide balance and extra cushioning and shock absorbing since the pressure is largely on the feet. 

Ideally, players who are batsman should choose cricket shoes that have rubber spikes/ metal spikes as they provide a good grip and can enable you to run faster on the pitch. A bowler should look for shoes with studs as they are more capable of providing you with the correct landing position. It is also essential to get the shoe size right as an ill-fitting shoe can hamper your performance. Tighter shoes will restrict movement and hurt the toes and heels, whereas a larger size will prevent the player from forming a definite stride. Especially for cricket it's always best to leave some breathing room for your toe in front of the shoe and on the sides as well if you have broader feet. 

While buying cricket shoes, players should first check the material of the shoe. A cricket shoe is usually made up of an artificial leather known as PU or polyurethane. It is extremely soft and flexible to ensure the free movement of the feet. The material should promote comfort, breathability, and sufficient legroom. Cushioning of the midsole is also crucial as it will protect the feet and toes from any possible injury. 

 Also, while purchasing the shoes, evaluate your game level, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, professional. Keep in mind your training and practice session duration as you would require a highly durable shoe if you have long and exhaustive practice sessions. Secondly, check the outsole type, as cricket shoes are designed for extreme weather conditions.

A full spike shoe sole will have metal spikes embedded that can be removable. Bowlers and fielders should buy these types of shoes as they need to run on the grassy fields.  Stud shoe soles have studs made up of rubber, these are soft and durable in nature. 

Another factor to be considered while buying cricket shoes is the ground surface on which you will be playing the sport. Is it on the turf or synthetic pitch? - For turf, spiked shoes are preferred, while rubber shoes are good for a synthetic pitch. Also, the weight of the shoes is crucial as cricket is a physically intensive sport, and one needs to constantly run either to score runs or while fielding and bowling. A lightweight shoe will ease movement across the ground. 

The budget is an equally essential factor while purchasing a good pair of cricket shoes. If you are an intermediate cricket player, you can invest in a better-quality pair of shoes and can aim for a budget on the higher side. But if you are a beginner, it is not ideal to purchase expensive shoes as the child is yet to develop the techniques of the game and he/she is still growing. Beginners can start with standard cricket shoes and then upgrade as your game develops.

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