We have often heard that one size doesn’t fit all. In sports, wearing the right clothing is of great importance, due to extensive physical movement such as sprinting, running, diving, etc. The clothes a sportsperson adorns gives him/her flexibility in movement while ensuring that the optimum temperature is maintained. Several studies have linked clothing with performance.

In a sport like cricket, where players continuously have to run to score runs or catch the ball, the right clothing will help in achieving the dedicated task with ease. Cricket is usually played during the day time, sometimes under the scorching heat in the midst of summer. Additionally, batsmen have to wear protective gear which restricts the movement to an extent.

Fabric Type

Wearing the right clothes should begin with the selection of the right fabric. It is important to have breathable fabric as it promotes the flow of air throughout the body and does not trap moisture. Ideally, fabrics such as cotton, polyester, wool, and spandex are considered good. Wool is preferred during winters. Polyester is lightweight in nature and dries quickly in comparison to other fabrics. Apart from fabric, a cricketer must check other features of the apparel like the size of the pockets, shirt side panels, ventilation spots, etc. The right clothing will have breathable mesh and many ventilation spots for a free flow of air. 

Raglan Sleeve

A raglan sleeve is a good example of style and comfort. Raglan sleeve is a type of sleeve that extends to the collar and the neckline. The colour of the sleeve is usually different than the t-shirt. This is an ideal type of jersey style as the design creates a wider area in the underarm, thereby giving complete flexibility in the movement of arms. The additional space can be of great utility, especially for the bowlers in bowling the delivery. The raglan sleeve ensures 360-degree mobility. 

Quick Drying

Wearing quick-dry material for outdoor sports is essential as it maintains the skin temperature and keeps the body warm. Polyester is known to be a quick-drying fabric. A lot of sporting jerseys comprises polyester for the very same reason. The fabric absorbs only 0.4% of its own weight in moisture, and hence it dries quickly. The polyester fibres are highly durable in nature and can be used in stitching into thinner fabrics. 

Wearing clothes that are uncomfortable can affect the mental state, especially while playing a competitive sport like cricket where absolute concentration is required. Wearing a jersey made up of unbreathable fabric can restrict movement and cause discomfort while playing impacting the energy levels during the game. Another difficulty with wearing uncomfortable clothes is the impact it has on the skin. One may get rashes on their skin, or skin allergies on their back, neck or thighs if the fabric traps moisture and causes the skin to dampen. So, it is absolutely crucial to purchase the right cricket clothes to enjoy the game and give your best.

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