Choosing a correct bat can be a game-changer as it is the most vital equipment for batsmen. Juniors who have just started playing tennis ball cricket might not have a clear idea about what factors to consider while purchasing a cricket bat. So, here is a guide to selecting the best tennis ball bat for your junior.

Wood Type

The first aspect to consider while selecting a cricket bat is the type of wood. For a child who is beginning to learn the sport, a bat made from poplar wood is a good option. Poplar wood is cheaper as compared to the others while being durable and sturdy. Poplar wood bat makes the best bat for your child if they have just started playing cricket. You do not need to go for an English or Kashmir willow bat which would be comparatively costly options.

Size Of The Bat

The size of the bat can really affect the game of your child. The height of the player decides which cricket bat is appropriate for them. The size of the bat generally varies from 1 to 6, SM, and SH. Sizes 1-5 bats are suitable for kids aged 12 to 14 years. While selecting a bat, your child should put the bat next to their leg and see whether the tip of the handle of the bat reaches their waist. Your child’s arms should be in a natural position during this process. This is a sure shot to checking if a bat is the right size for a player!

Weight Of The Bat

Your child should be able to hold the bat firmly and be able play a range of shots. Therefore, the weight of the bat should not be too heavy such that it restricts their game and makes them uncomfortable. To check the weight, let your child hold the bat at their arm’s length with their top hand (use a left hand if they are right-handed and vice versa.) They should be able to hold the bat comfortably, if that is not the case, then the bat is not suitable for them. It is crucial to choose a light-weight bat as it will help your child play freely and develop their natural game.

Batting Style

In the early days of training, your child might still be figuring out his/her batting style. For those who have already figured it, selecting a bat that complements the batting style is essential. Ensure that your child plays a few shots to be sure you have picked the right one which is more comfortable to handle. 

A good first bat goes a long way to help them improve their game. At Decathlon, we offer the best advice for selecting the perfect cricket bat for your child. We also have the best range of durable bats for a beginner junior cricket player be in tennis or leather ball cricket. All our bats come with a 2-year warranty on any handle issue faced. 

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