On a day’s skiing, the extremities are the most sensitive parts of the body to the cold, especially among younger people. So how do you choose the right pair of ski gloves or mittens for them? We’ll help you.

Choosing a pair of ski gloves for your child is based on 2 criteria whose priority may vary according to his or her age: how easy they are to put on and the warmth they provide.

Size will also be an important factor in ensuring optimal comfort.   If you want to check out our advice on choosing adult ski gloves or mittens, it's here:

Ski juniour gloves

1. How Easy They are to Put on

Depending on their age, the main difficulty for a child may be putting their gloves on themselves. Here are our recommendations:

kids ski gloves

Kids aged 3 to 6 years,
For young kids, Are the ideal product, being both easy to put on, comfortable and warm.

Kids snow gloves

Kids aged 6 to 14 years,
For kids aged 6 to 14 years, the choice will be between

Kids hand gloves
Kids gloves for skiing

How to choose between mittens, long-sleeved gloves or gloves for your child aged 6 to 14? 

Skiing gloves

Finally, for older or more experienced kids, Will be the best solution to their needs.

Skiing gloves for kids

If they’re young or not used to wearing gloves, your kids will probably prefer.

Mittens for kids

LONG-SLEEVED GLOVES, Are easier to put on.

Tip: 3-6 years old or 6-14, gloves or mittens, all our kids’ products are equipped with an elastic cord to place around the wrist to remove the gloves on chairlifts without the risk of losing them and a wrist strap to put them on quickly and efficiently.

2. Warmth

Each model of gloves meets a specific need for added warmth according to different types of winter sports use, temperature regulation or the day’s weather! You can find these indications directly on the mark-ups in store or on the product description on our website.
How do you read this information?

Warmth in gloves

Ideal for fine weather and/or spring skiing (temperatures above 10°C).

Gloves for low temperature

Ideal for hands which are sensitive to the cold and very cold temperatures.

gloves for cold weather

Ideal for all weathers. This is the level of heat that gives the optimum ratio of dexterity/warmth.

Mittens have the added advantage of keeping fingers together and therefore retain more heat.

3. Size

Finally, size is an important criterion when selecting ski gloves. The pair you choose should not compress your child's fingers, cutting off the circulation and thus accelerating the feeling of cold. The optimal size allows a thin layer of air to slip between the hand and the glove liner for optimal breathability that wicks away perspiration and maintains warmth.

Please note that some glove models adjust to the wrist size with a Velcro fastener, so they are not too tight yet do not let the cold in.

Please note: as not all junior gloves or mittens use the same size chart, we advise you to refer to the "Which size to choose" section of the product sheet of your favourite pair!

How to Measure the Size of Your Child's Hand? 

Skiing gloves size

First, get a tape measure.

The tape measure must pass over the knuckles of the back of your child’s hand. Their hand is flat, not bent, fingers slightly apart, and the tape measure shouldn’t squeeze their palm.

Skiing gloves size for kids

To measure the length of your child's hand:

  • Get a sheet of paper, a small notebook, a pencil and a tape measure.
  • Stand upright, place the notebook at the bottom of the sheet, and make a mark at the top of the notebook.
  • Then put their wrist against the notebook, with their hand flat on the paper.
  • Move the notebook to the end of the middle finger, and draw another line.
  • Finally, remove the hand from the sheet and measure the distance between the 2 lines to get the measurement for the total length of the hand.

4. Waterproofing

Here at WEDZE, we know that your kids often put their hands in the snow, when they fall, rest between 2 descents, during a snowball fight or just for fun.

Waterproof gloves

Our entire kids’ range is also designed with a waterproof membrane, which forms a barrier against water and makes the glove waterproof.

waterproof ski gloves

To simplify your choice and improve their skiing experience, we decided to add to all our WEDZE kids’ gloves and mittens that stops the fabric absorbing water, instead causing it to slide off the surface. In this way, the textile doesn’t soak up water and stays lightweight and warm.

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