Football Skills and Techniques Required

A game of football is not about mere dribbling or passing but is based on numerous football skills and techniques. So the obvious question arises in your mind, how to be a good football player? Yes! We are here with a handful of tips and tricks to solve the puzzle and show you how to improve football skills. Now dribble in!

Pre-Exercises To Improve Football Skills And Techniques

Now before getting into the fundamental skills of a football game, it is important to prepare your muscles and body to cover the ground. The pre – exercises will improve the ability to accelerate and expose your football skills in the ground.

1. Box Blast

This exercise is to improve the explosive power in your hips and legs to execute perfect football skills in the ground. It is important to create the separation from the opponent by slipping out and running with the ball, which is why Box blast is a preferred exercise. 

  • On a low box, stand with one -foot flat
  • Bend the arms 90degree and lock the ball
  • Extending the hip, knee, and ankle, explode a jump with the front leg
  • Land in the same position back. Now repeat on the other side too.

2. Calves

It is important to work out your calves before a football match. Calves strain due to sharp twists and turns while executing football techniques.

  • Keep your left foot two feet in front of your right one
  • Bend the left knee and straighten the entire right leg
  • Push the left leg as you feel the stretch in the calves
  • Repeat it till it strains (never too harsh)


3The Base Rotation

This one works for your hips and ankles, supporting you in all troubleshooting with coordination

  • Bend your knees and ankles out of feet
  • With your chest facing forward, initiate a jump off the floor and rotate your hips to the right, as you move your arms left.
  • Land and jump back to the left moving the arms right
  • These quick jumps are definitely going to support you in the football ground.

4. Drag Backs

This is a football ball exercise practiced to improve your skills for football dragging your ball back while surrounded by other players.

  • Put your foot on top of the ball 
  • Roll the ball back smoothly
  • Now initiate a move off quickly in another direction

5. Ball Mastery Drill

This ball mastery exercise or football drill is a perfect one to enhance your football skills in the ground.

  • Dribble in your own field and get control of the ball, it's simple.

Basic Skills of Football

So now you are ready to rock the ground, but always keep in handy some of the basic skills of football, because the game is not about to be a player but to learn how to be a good football player. Football being a strategical play has its own techniques to execute a perfect kick. Some of the few basic football skills are listed below for you to adhere to.

1. Blocking

blocking technique

A strong offensive capacity is a basic requirement, especially for those offensive players. This is the basic skill of football that all the offensive players should practice on. The offensive line opens the door for running backs and prevents pass rushers from reaching the passer. 

So this blocking skill is done by driving your shoulders into the midsection of your opponent and move downfield. Block them making a cover around quarterbacks to protect the pass of your teammates. Now that’s a wonderful helping football skill to acquire for a tight game.

2Passing Accuracy

passing skill in football

The most fundamental skills of football game are passing accuracy. To make use of both the feet in order to move the ball to the destined destination. The feet should always have the power and accuracy to pass the ball either to your teammates or to the strikers for a goal. Passing skill is the one ultimate skill and football is devoid of an accurate and precise pass.

In a team of eleven players assigned in different positions on the field, the quarterbacks must acquire the passing accuracy skill to its peak, because it is for them passing is crucial within the game.

3. Dribbling Skills

Dribbling football

The most efficient and basic skills for football is to dribble the ball, keeping it in possession. 

Run with the ball, is not as simple as it sounds, it needs good control, balance, coordination. To get a grab on it, move up and down the pitch with the ball in possession and maintain your control. A good dribbler can move the ball in multiple directions with various pace. The skill is to maneuver the opponent at a smooth pace without losing the ball's possession.

4. Shooting

shooting football

A perfect shot always ends up in the goal post, as a perfect goal. Shooting is the act of dispatching the ball to the opponent’s post. This is the ultimate thrust of the match because, at the end of the day, goals count your win. This fundamental skill of football game requires both technical and mental qualities.

5. Tackling 

football tips

A game of football is not as easy as we see it from the gallery. To get the ball and kick it to the post, players have to do numerous tits and tactics in the field. One of them is tackling skills. It is not mere running and carrying the ball and applying shoulders, but the way you tackle the opponent. Tackling skills are necessary to carry on with the ball in your grip. The basic way is to drive your shoulders to the opponents’ hip, to the midsection before powering him to the ground. 

Make sure that while tackling you do not end up making a foul move or a red card, because the chances are high.

6. Receiving 

football techniques

The ball receivers also include the goalkeeper. Receiving the ball is also one of the important and technical skills to be acquired by every player, especially the goalkeepers. You cannot just catch the ball like a wide throw, instead, you must extend the hands in front of your body and form a target for the ball to land in. 

  1. Technical Skills

Football skills and techniques are important to be practiced and acquired. Juggling is an important skill to be practiced, it helps us to possess easy control over the ball and ball handling skills improve. Practice juggling with your feet for 5 to 10 minutes every day to be a pro.

  1. Shooting

Shooting tips are yet another technique to improve your chance of scoring. The trick is to opt for a side shoot, this has more accuracy compared to any other ankle. The other point to remember is to shoot wide rather than high, as you shoot low across the keeper, widely the chance of scoring is high and the risk of blocking by the keeper is very low.

  1. Headers

A major football technique essential for both defending and marking. The heading is a way of mastering the ball for all the passes and shoots in the field. This is used as a trick against the opponent by players in order to tackle the ball and score.

  1. Volleys

Volley is a technique were a player directly strikes the aerial ball without having any prior control over it and before the ball touches the ground or also halfway touching the ground. This is a super cool technique to be a good player in the field because the chances of a defendant are very low in such a move. What the player needs is the accuracy, speed, power, and coordination to execute such a move. Thus volley is a must technique to be acquired by every player because as you reduce the risk of defense, you increase the chance of scoring in the field.

  1. Defensive Skills

Imbibing defensive skills and techniques are important to tackle with the opponent. It is important to tackle the defensive players in the field because they create the shield, from which an escape is necessary for you to score. If a team has a strong defensive team, then the opposite team must have the best team with defensive skills, to tackle them and reach the destination.

  1. Feints

When your opponent is dribbling with the ball and you want to bypass him/her to get the possession, the best technique is to use feints. This can be performed with or without the ball, it depends on the mode of the play. When a player is not in the ball’s possession this technique can be used to gain the advantage of that position.

  1. Learn To Play With Both Feet

This is one simple yet effective trick to dribble around the field with accuracy. Most of the players are good and best at their stronger foot but ignore the hidden talent of their so-called weaker foot. Once you try and concentrate on your weaker foot for a shot, the results are just amazing. Dribbling with both the feet are important to change the pace and position within seconds of time in the field. 

These are some of the major football skills and techniques which can be used in the field to make the field vibrant.

Football Tricks

Rabona Kick is a soccer skill in which the leg that kicks the football is crossed behind the standing leg. Rabona Kick is a kicking style used when a footballer is not confident at passing the ball or scoring with his/her weaker foot, confusing a defender, or simply showing off one's ability. Rabona kick is popular, and a player usually uses Rabona kick in the following situations: -

1. A right-footed winger wants to send across to the player on the left side of the football ground.
2. A right-footed striker moving towards the goal is on the left side of the ground, and they feel that the power of the shot from his/her left foot is not enough. So they would perform a Rabona kick to take a better shot.

Scissor kick, also known as overhead or bicycle kick, is a football skill in which the footballer kicks the ball when the ball is in midair. Scissor kick is a complex and unique kicking technique, especially in an international football tournament. Scissor kick is one of the most celebrated football skills by the football association. Scissor kick is performed by throwing your body back in the air and making a position of scissors by making the kicking leg in front of the other one. The scissor kick is a football skill that must be performed by experienced footballers or in front of a coach.

The Elastico football kick is a popular move by strikers and forwards to confuse the defenders and move towards the goal. The Elastico skill can be attempted only if you can perform the Inside and Outside simultaneously. The steps to perform the Elastico are: -

1. Give a light touch to the ball on the backside of the ball with your toes.
2. Then quickly push the ball to the opposite direction away from where the defender is moving.
3. Drop your shoulder to confuse the defender further.
4. Increase your speed and move towards the goal.

Knuckleball is when you kick the ball, and the ball does not spin when it is in the air. When a ball spins, it gets stability, and without the spin, the ball will shake in the air and change directions randomly. Here are a few steps on how you can master knuckleball, and after practice, you will be able to hit knuckleball like Ronaldo, Messi, and more: -

To start practice, keep the ball at a distance of 30 cm.

1. Then take your run-up as a usual free-kick.
2. Run towards the ball like a normal free-kick but kick the ball with your laces below the centre of the ball.
3. Stop the follow through as soon as you kick.
4. After practice, you will learn perfect knuckleball.

A rainbow kick is a football trick that is performed when a player moves back to the side of the ball and flicks the ball from the side. The path of the ball is like a rainbow giving it the name Rainbow kick. Rainbow kick soccer skill is performed when the player moves forward with the ball, rolls the ball back from one leg to another, flicks the ball over the head. The success rate of the rainbow kick is less and is used significantly less in professional games.

It is time taking and challenging to learn these football kicks. These football kicks are essential to developing as a player as they increase your chance of confusing the other players and scoring. The more time you give in learning these football kicks, the better you become. Football kicks, especially scissor kicks, must be performed carefully, or else you might harm your body.

Now as you know how to improve football skills, what’s stopping you? Go practice your skills and techniques to color the ground with curiousness and wonder!

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