Interesting and versatile, with wide-ranging usages. The permutations and combinations of its usage are only limited by the imagination of the users.

1. Compact and Home Trained

Many of us live in multistoried apartments with narrow corridors, compact staircases or elevators. A folding cycle can be easily led through the urban residential maze, like how you would a wheeled suitcase.

Urban residents often fret about parking their cycles outside, as they are prone to corrosion and theft. A folding cycle relieves this stress for its users as they can be easily stored beside any living room furniture.

The compact credentials of the folding cycle are not limited to residences alone. These cycles inconspicuously fit folded in office cubicles, open co-working spaces, cafes and public spaces.

folding cycles
folding cycles - the swiss army knife

2. Carpool in Style

A folding cyclist could extend his/her mileage in their daily commute by adding carpooling into the mix. Short distances could be traversed on a folding bike to rendezvous with colleagues or friends on the main road.

Being truly intermodal, the folding cycle can be conveniently collapsed and stored even in a small car boot. Folding and unfolding of the cycle would take but a couple of minutes.

Folding cycles thus are practical for the conscious urbanite, helping reduce congestion and carbon footprint in an innovative manner.  

Folding cycle in car
folding cycles in car pooling

3. The Savy Tourist

Not everything about a folding bike needs to be in the city or be about commuting.

Roadtrip excursions to see distant parks and places of interest could be enhanced with a couple of folding cycles in the mix.

Sightseeing on a cycle beats the sluggishness of walking and haste of a motorised vehicle. Car racks are definitely not required to carry a couple of folding cycles on a road trip in an average Indian size hatchback.

Folding cycle helps for tourists
Folding cycles in the car

4. Urban Warrior

The most popular usage of folding cycles is for its utility as last mile connectivity while using public transportation. Across the world, folding cycles are used by commuters mostly in metro subways and city buses where the metropolitan corporation encourages its users to carry folding bikes.    

Indian Public Transport Corporations are just catching up on this concept. One of the early adopters in encouraging usage of folding cycles into its services is the Kochi Metro Rail Corporation.

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