If you believe that only forests and the seaside offer you real opportunities for running, building muscle or working out, then I shall stop you there. With a little bit of imagination, concrete can provide many ways to move around on a daily basis! Walking, running, muscle strengthening, gentle gym activities, etc. In the city, you can enjoy a very large sports field and practice many disciplines for free.

1. Sports Travel

If you are running slightly out of time, your journeys by tram, on the underground or by bus to the office, can be partially or completely made on foot, a scooter, a bike, etc. What better way to get to work after 30 minutes of physical activity? “In the city, we don’t always realise it, but we can walk several kilometres quickly on foot”, explains Sport and Health Educator, Joëlle Jolly. “The environment is changing rapidly, it’s all hustle and bustle and our attention is focused on 1000 things. Walking or running, which aren’t put to the test in wide open spaces, are felt differently… And it may be even easier to move around in urban areas.” What’s more, communities now prefer soft surfaces, thus making their journey on two wheels much easier.

2. Urban Furniture, Your New Friend

The city also offers you the opportunity to vary paths and try different exercises. A staircase? Perfect for a change of pace and targeting your thighs! Used conventionally or on one leg, the effects can be felt very quickly! A low wall? Step up, step down and give yourself a stepping session whilst passing by! A bench? Place your foot on it and stretch out properly! Or even use it to do some press-ups! A wooden picnic table? It’s great for an abs session! Small obstacles of any kind? These make superb targets for street golf! In short, as you can see, urban furniture has become a fun way of exercising. “Sport also enables us to (re)discover the environment in which we live and enjoy it”, says psychotherapist, Bruno Dumait.

Exercising in the city, can also involve taking your yoga mat and positioning it in the middle of the park to practise outdoors. When the sun shines, what a pleasant feeling to carry out your poses outside and salute the sun directly! What’s more, exercising in the city is also the opportunity to get out of the house. And why not meet up and exercise with your neighbour who does Pilates? If you prefer to take out a football, ball or a badminton shuttlecock, the city offers various areas to play. So now you’re ready for a great football match or basketball game!


Having a tight schedule should not be an obstacle to pulling on your running shoes and enjoying yourself for a simple half-hour exercise session!


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