Aqua running is THE hot new sport. This year, we have seen the emergence of a multitude of water sports: aqua biking, aqua boxing, aqua yoga…
2018 has definitely been a year of pool sports.

After a focus on aqua sports, we decided to take a closer look at aqua running which is attracting a lot of interest from women.

1. What is an Aqua Running Session Like ? 

An Aqua-running session is like flying in water, using more energy and burning away more fats, but also at the same time more relaxing, soothing and satisfying. This sport can be done in two ways: either on a treadmill that has been specially adapted for the water environment or on the floor of the pool. In the first case, a treadmill is installed in the pool, inclined upwards.

Once you have put on your pair of aqua shoes, it's time to get on the treadmill and take hold of the bar at arm-height (you are only immersed up to your waist). Unlike traditional indoor running equipment, the treadmill has no engine or automatic resistance. The treadmill, therefore, turns with the force of your strides and so it works on your legs, thighs, and glutes. If your pool does not have this equipment, do not worry, you can still go aqua running without a treadmill! You just need to get yourself a weight belt and some aqua shoes that grip the floor and prevent you from hurting yourself. You can take the same strides as you would on the ground... but in the water!

2. What are the Benefits of Aqua Running on My Body? 

There are numerous benefits of Aqua-running on the body, it's a complete workout and just like swimming it uses up every muscle of the body.

This exercise targets the muscles of the lower body: calves, thighs, glutes and also the abdominals. If you want to keep in a good position for the duration of the session, we advise you to keep your abs tensed (your hips and shoulders should not move).   It is also a "cardio" sport that melts fat and works the heart. Unlike running, aqua running is not high impact as it is more gentle on the joints. The skin is also toned thanks to hydro-massaging effects. Also, Aqua-running is helpful for recovering from injuries, especially those concerned with the legs, the help the muscles get back into shape and be stronger so that you can recover quickly and get back to your normal everyday life.

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