Have you heard of aqua finning?

It's the best sport for giving your thighs and glutes an effective workout. And besides that, you'll be looking great on the beach this summer and feeling good throughout the year!

We've tried out aqua yoga to relax, so it's natural that afterwards we wanted to try aqua finning for a more in-depth workout. No more games, get your fins on!

1. Aqua Finning : Shorts or Long Fins ? 

It is a technique that allows you to intensively build muscle in your thighs and glutes and sculpt your legs. The perfect equation if you want to work on your lower body! Short fins are great: light and with a short foil area (max. 5 to 10 cm longer than your foot), they also have the advantage of being flexible. Result: you gain space in your bag and it's not so heavy.

Their features: better frequency and more cardio. You gain muscle, particularly in the abs and glutes. Thanks to the fins, more muscle mass is used while exercising and you expend more energy. If you want to intensify your workout use the sturdier fins(Advance Fins), they make you use more energy but give you more drag and propel you further with each kick. When you use these fins, you will want to practice regularly and go for more laps because you end up having fun and you will feel satisfied after every session.

2. Improving Your Endurance

Aqua Fins for Improving Your Endurance

It's often thought that long fins are just for diving. But that's not true! In the swimming pool, they give you resistance and therefore endurance. They also ease the workout on your legs and focus instead on other parts of the body, particularly the abs and glutes. The longer their foil, the more effort they require.

Their features: lower frequency but more glide and speed, giving the entire lower body and the abs a complete workout. Since you have the added speed and energy your workouts will be fun and more fruitful.

Think of it this way. The fins are like extra weight on your legs that is used to add resistance to your swimming., you swim the same number of laps but you get double the workout.

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