Aqua-Fitness: Try Out Aquaslimming

1. So What is Aquaslimming?

If you are want to have a great body and toned muscles but, also relax and have fun doing it, aqua slimming is meant for you!

Aquaslimming consists of aerobic exercises that you do in the swimming pool. For 45 minutes, your coach will help you to do a series of quite simple exercises that will burn your fat and tone up every part of your body.

You will have to work hard throughout the session to improve your cardiovascular performance and gradually increase your body temperature. Don't worry though it will be fun.

Just like in most other sports, the pace gradually rises in order to increase your heart rate.

But don't panic! You will be able to keep up, thanks to your coach and the swinging music. Sounds great, doesn't it!

2. Aquaslimming - The Benefits

Aquaslimming offers the same benefits as Aquabiking, plus the fact that exercising in water creates a hydro-massage effect that drains your adipose tissue and stimulates blood circulation.

There is nothing better to get rid of cellulite, apart from Aquabiking of course!

And this sport exercises every part of the body, with a clear focus on the buttocks, abdominals, and thighs.

Numerous surveys conducted worldwide have demonstrated how the resistance offered by water allows us to exercise our agonist(pull) and antagonist(push) muscles, and that pedalling in water creates a movement that gives us a pleasing sensation and naturally massages the lower body.
So, do go ahead and try it!

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