What is an equipment floor mat?

     It acts as a surface between your floor and equipment. Whenever we install a piece of heavy equipment like a treadmill, home gym, etc., we first place the floor mat on the house floor and then place the heavy equipment.

Where can we use it?

  These mats have multipurpose use. You can use it to keep heavy equipment like treadmill, smith machine, home trainer and bike, etc. You can also use it as your exercise mat where there is heavy weight lifting involved or for someone who is looking for an exercise mat that is huge, covering their entire body in it.

Advantageous Of Equipment's 

 Prevents Injury: When you walk, run or do any movements on the hard surface it impacts huge pressure and load on joints it is due the impulse generated from the ground 

We can prevent this by adding equipment floor mat on the surface. Its act as shock absorber for the ground level. The impulse generated from the ground while walking, running or lifting weights will be absorbed by the mat. It also provides a good cushioning surface promoting smooth range of motion throughout.   

Floor Protection: Equipment mat all acts as floor protector against the heavy loaded equipment. When we drop heavy weights or dumbbells it is more likely to damage the floor for cardio equipment it leaves an impact on floor causing a scratch or permanent damage on floor.

When we add equipment to the floor mat it takes the impact and on damage we can only replace the floor mat with the new one rather than going for the floor repair.

Noise Reduction: Mats help to reduce noise generation as it offers cushioning and soft impact to the equipment's. As the surface becomes softer it reduces the friction with respect to the ground hence fourth generation of noise is controlled while using the equipment.

Improves Ground Levelling: Equipment floor has good cushioning which offers better ground levelling for equipment placed on it. All the equipment has metal frame which is core of the equipment. In order to give different dimensions the metal frame is cut and welded. If there is no proper ground levelling then mechanical imbalance is created which puts load on the frame joints resulting in opening of welded joints which makes the equipment to malfunction. Well it is a long term effect. If we use a floor mat with good cushioning we can achieve mechanical balance in the symmetry of equipment resulting in improved life span of equipment frame.



98 * 198 Cms


6 mm



Material used

100% foamed PVC


2 Years

Max Weight 


Country Of Origin


DF 920 Equipment Floor Pads(4-Pack)

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Total Dimension

54 * 54 Cms 


8 mm



Material Used

100% Polyethylene


2 years



Country Of Origin 

China, France, Russia, Turkey

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