As health issues continue to increase at an alarming rate, it is natural for us to look for means to inculcate a healthy habit in our tight and profit-driven schedules. While some of us can follow a healthy lifestyle without any external help, most of us prefer guidance and an environment that exudes the fitness vibe. Keeping all of this in mind, a lot of yoga centres have sprung up in Patna which is the capital of Bihar, and well knowingly also one of the most economically advanced regions of the state. 

In a state that is also home to prestigious institutes such as AIIMS Patna and IIT Patna, the growing economic and working stress has disassociated people from connecting to their healthy bodies. Thus, a yoga class is the best gateway to connect with oneself both physically and spiritually. 

Table of Contents

  1. Top 10 yoga classes in Patna 
  2. Preparations necessary for yoga classes
  3. Various techniques of yoga taught in yoga classes
  4. Yoga treatment services
  5. FAQs
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Top 10 Yoga Classes in Patna

  1. Dheeraj Hot yoga

Rated 4.9 on Google by users and located in Shanta Complex Boring Canal Road, Patna. It is one of the highest-rated yoga classes in Patna with a lot of positive reviews. Overlooked and Guided by Mr Dheeraj himself, the classes provide a homely environment where the instructor continuously imparts his knowledge and motivates the students and new learners to expand their horizons. 

  1. Mind O Body yoga Studio

With the highest rating of 5.0 on Google, Mind O Body is a one-stop destination for binding the best yoga classes. They strive to teach yoga in its purest form. They also offer online yoga classes that the users can avail themselves of from the comfort of their homes. Their centres are sprawled in different locations all over Patna. 

  1. Indian Institute of Yoga

Indian Institute of yoga is one of the oldest yoga centres in Patna that is dedicated to teaching yoga to people from all age groups.  It was founded in the 1970s and is a yogic institute. The institute aims at making a healthy and peaceful society and also making the society disease-free. It is rated 4.9 on Google by the users. 

  1. Yogis of East Yoga Studio & Therapeutic Clinic Yoga

Rated 4.7 on Google, it is a brand of Manorma Wellness private limited. The yoga instructors here are committed to guiding the members to a state of complete spiritual, physical, and mental well-being. They try to apply ancient and time-tested holistic yoga and healing methods to achieve their desired goal. 

  1. Moksha Yoga Class

Rated 4.5 on Google, It offers a wide range of classes along with yoga that includes dance, music, arts, and other art forms. They strive at providing the best services through an amalgamation of culture and modernization. 

  1. Energy Yoga Healing Centre

Rated 4.7 on Google and located at Nala Road, Patna, it offers free yoga classes in Patna for first-time users. The centre believes that yoga is much more than just a method but a way of living. It aims to try and connect its members with their inner self spiritually and physically. 

  1. Yoga Teacher Mukesh yogattam

Rated 4.5 on Google, Mr Mukesh is a personal yoga trainer who offers a variety of teaching across various yoga styles and has offered yoga training for medical organizations like Apollo Munich health. 

  1. Soham yogadhama : Yoga Classes in Patna

Rated 4.9 on Google, it is one of the best yoga classes in Patna that offer a high range of yoga techniques to practice and aims at reconnecting the body and mind to the soul. The teachers are all professionally qualified and experienced in yoga training.

  1. Fit7 By M.S, Dhoni Patna

Rate 4.3 on Google, it is a gym chain that also offers yoga classes with top-class instructors and a spacious and luxurious ambience. This is a gym chain started by the Indian cricket team ex-captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. 

  1.  CrossFit Studio

Rated 4.6 on Google, this a fitness gym that offers yoga along with other activities. They amalgamate different techniques of yoga teaching to get the desired results. 

Preparation Required for Yoga Classes

  1. Hydrate yourself

Yoga classes make you lose around five pounds of water so it is necessary that you pre-hydrate yourself and re-hydrate yourself after the class. You should sip water throughout the class so that you do not dehydrate your body. 

  1. Keep your body nourished

If your diet is faulty and is not nutritious enough to provide the energy you need to make it through the class without feeling exhausted, you might not benefit fully from your yoga routine. It is important for you to nourish yourself properly before going for a yoga session. Make sure to stop eating an hour or two before the session to avoid feeling nauseous. 

  1.  Dress accordingly

It is very important to wear clothes that allow you to breathe properly and freely since yoga involves complicated and elaborate stretches and extensions. You should wear comfortable clothes and moisture-wicking. A good pair of leggings is an essential along with a sports bra.

  1. Get some basic Yoga equipment to help your practice

Starting with an yoga mat, the most essential equipment for anyone who is taking up yoga. You can also benefit from accessories like straps and blocks that are amazing props that help us build strength, and get deeper into the postures. You can also opt for Knee and wrist pads. These pads are designed to offer a soft cushion to your joints so that you don't have to worry about pains anymore.

Yoga Gear and Accessories : The Must Haves

Various techniques of yoga taught in the yoga class

  1. Hatha yoga 

This yoga style is the foundation of all the other styles and they typically have a slower pace. It has a relaxing flow and is great for beginners or people looking for restorative and meditative practice. 

  1. Vinyasa 

Vinyasa includes several poses mainly:

  • Plank pose
  • Chaturanga Dandasana 
  • Upward-facing dog 
  • Downward-facing dog.

The flow of these yoga poses is fast and continuous. These classes ask you to focus on cultivating awareness and breathwork while linking one movement to another. Power yoga is another aspect of Vinyasa that is entirely focused on vigorous movements. 

  1. Iyengar

It is developed by B. K. S. Iyengar and it is all about balancing flexibility and strength by the means of proper body alignment. It is usually practised using some sorts of props like blocks, straps, etc. It makes it a great practice for those overcoming injury. 

  1. Hot yoga 

Hot yoga is the most common and rigorously taught yoga that is done in a heated room typically between 95-100 degrees Celsius. As a result of the temperature, the muscles get very warm in these classes so this yoga is great for improving flexibility. 

Yoga Treatment services

Yoga treatment or yoga therapy is a well-established treatment for a lot of problems that are both physical and mental including depression and anxiety. Some of the most common treatment exercises associated with yoga services are:

  • Breathing Exercises: This exercise is used in therapy to either balance breathing or to energise breaths.
  • Asana (physical postures): The therapist usually teaches the patients to practice a certain asana that targets the problem areas and helps rectify the problem. 
  • Meditation: Relaxation and mindfulness are the main goals of meditation that are combined with yoga poses to give the best result. 


  1. Is it legal to teach yoga without certification?

Currently, no law prevents anyone from teaching yoga without a certificate but it always helps in the establishment of trust and credibility when you teach with proper credentials. 

  1. How does one get certified to teach yoga?

Certain steps need to be followed while trying to get a certificate in teaching yoga:
a) You need to register on

b) Then you need to complete a 200-hour program in a particular yoga style

c) After successful completion of the program, you get to give the Quality Council India examination.

d) After the qualification of the exam, you can get the certificate. 

  1. Which yoga certificate is the best?

As of now, the best yoga certificate in India is the ‘ISSA Certified yoga Instructor’ certificate. 

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