Whey protein is no wonder one of the highest forms of protein that can be added to the daily supplement of nutrients. You can now check out which is the best protein powder in India and hence decide which one you’d like to choose.


Finding the right protein supplement that will provide you with all the nutrients you need can be tough. For beginners, this hunt can be more than just everyday shopping. You might want to check for many criteria before selecting the right whey protein for you. Protein, now a vital supplement, is necessary for weight training, promoting lean body mass and faster recovery. To ensure that you need not fuss over a list of hundreds of protein powders we have curated a list of the Top 5 best whey protein in India.

List of Top 5 Whey Protein Powders in India 

If you have been looking for some of the best protein powder in India then here you have a list of the top 5 selectively chosen from the Top 10 whey proteins in India.

Rank Product Price Best for
1 Whey Protein Isolate Choco 3kg Rs. 6,999 Weight gainers
2 Whey Protein Isolate Choco 1kg Rs. 2,999 Muscle maintenance
3 Whey Protein 1 Kg Chocolate Rs. 2,599 Sports person
4 Whey Protein 3 Kg Chocolate Rs.5,999 Slim figure
5 Whey Protein 1Kg STRAWBERRY Rs. 2,599 High protein content

1. Whey protein for weight gainers- DOMYOS Whey Protein Isolate Choco 3kg

Domyos Whey protein isolates Choco 3 kg is one of the best whey proteins for weight gainers. This protein helps in weight training and hence reaching the designated goals. This high protein content powder will provide you with up to 24 g of protein per shake that you consume. Not only does it provide high nutrition but will also provide the required muscle mass to the people who desire it.

  • Quantity: 3 kg
  • Price: Rs. 6,999
  • Source of: high protein content
  • Nutritional Information: zero added sugar with 24 g of protein
  • Why buy: Helps gain muscle, hence owing to better weight gaining strategy. 


2. Whey protein for muscle maintenance-  DOMYOS Whey Protein Isolate Choco 1 kg

When it comes to muscle maintenance, you need to try the Domyos Whey protein Isolate Choco 1 kg which helps maintain the muscle and hence ensures there is no muscle mass loss. Maintenance of muscle mass is especially important as it helps stay independent and functional later in life.

  • Quantity: 1 kg
  • Price: Rs. 2,999
  • Nutritional Information: Provides about 383 kcal of energy per 100 g.
  • Why buy: Maintenance of muscle with a high protein content of about 80.1 g per 100 g.


3. Whey protein for sports person- DOMYOS Whey Protein 1kg Chocolate

Looking for a protein powder that will help a sports person stay active, you can now check out the Domyos Whey Protein 1 kg chocolate. This protein powder is one of the best whey protein for sports person. This whey protein also provides that energy boost required for staying active.

  • Quantity: 1 kg
  • Price: Rs. 2,599
  • Source of: 70% whey protein concentrate
  • Nutritional Information: About 336.0 kcal of energy per 100 g.
  • Why buy: increases the overall physical performance


4. Whey protein for a slim figure- DOMYOS Whey Protein 3 kg Chocolate

Wondering how to get that desired figure for your upcoming vacation, then the Domyos Whey protein 3 kg chocolate is your go-to solution. This protein powder ensures you get all the essential nutrients needed to lose weight.

  • Quantity: 3 kg
  • Price: Rs. 5,999
  • Ideal for: Weight loss and slim figure
  • Nutritional Information: 100.8 g of energy per 30 g
  • Why buy: Low in fat with zero sugar


5. Whey protein with highest protein content- DOMYOS Whey Protein 1 kg Strawberry

Whey protein with the highest protein content is hard to come by especially when it comes to getting the right amount of protein needed to build and maintain the body. Domyos whey protein 1 kg strawberry is the right option if you are curious about which one to select.

  • Quantity: 1 kg
  • Price: Rs. 2,599
  • Source of: contains 70% protein concentrate
  • Nutritional Information: 112.8 kcal energy per 30 g of protein powder consumed
  • Why buy: 4 gm fat per 100 gm of protein powder ensures a boost in muscle building.

What is whey protein?

Whey protein, also called protein powder, is a protein obtained from whey, the watery section of the milk that separates from the curd when you make cheese. This whey protein is commonly used as a protein supplement as it acts as a protein provider to the body.

Whey protein ensures that the nutrient content in your diet increases while also helping build a better immune system. Most people use whey protein when they need to improve their athletic performance and also to improve their core strength. Whey is also commonly used for various conditions such as diabetes, weight loss, asthma, and many other conditions.

Who needs whey protein powder?

While it is true that you will get all the necessary protein that you need in your daily diet if you balance it out, here is a list of people who needs to add whey protein powder to their daily supplement intake:

1. Teenagers:

Teenagers are in their growing mode and need all the protein to help them grow. While a workout does help one grow better, adding whey protein will generally help a better growth rate in teenagers.

2. Workout:

If you are new to workouts and you are on the side where you need to build muscles, you’d want to take in more protein than your daily supplements.

3. Vegan lifestyle:

People following a vegan lifestyle miss out on a number of protein sources, including eggs, fish, and meat. A whey protein powder will be recommended to fill in this protein supply.

Whey protein Buying Guide: What to look for when choosing a whey protein powder

Always remember to find five factors in a whey protein powder that will provide you’re the best results. These five factors are as follows:

1. Check the type of whey that you are looking for. There are three categories namely:

  • Whey concentrate
  • Whey isolate
  • Whey hydrolysate

2. When looking for the best protein powder, check the quality. Look for that protein that has greater than 50% protein per serving.

3. Find what taste suits you best. While there are multiple options such as chocolate and strawberry, you can surely check for one that suits your taste.

4. Read the ingredients list and find the protein powder that will provide you with the best nutrients you are looking for.

The Different types of whey protein to know about

There are various types of whey protein that are available and can be provided as follows:

  • Whey concentrate: This type consists of low levels of fat and carbohydrates. The percentage of protein in this type will depend on the same concentration. Those containing lower concentrations will have about 30 percent protein content while those having higher concentrations will consist of 90 percent of protein content
  • Whey isolate: Whey isolate is processed from whey concentrates to remove all the lactose and fat. This type of protein powder will consist of 90 percent protein content.
  • Whey Hydrolysate: Whey hydrolysate is in the predigested form that has already undergone partial hydrolysis. Partial hydrolysis can be said to be a process where it is treated such that the body absorbs the protein. Unlike the other types, this type does not require many digestion processes.
  • Milk protein: Milk get its original white colour from milk protein. You will find whey protein in yogurt, infant formula, and cheese.

Take a look at these benefits of whey protein 

Some of the benefits of whey protein are as follows:

  • It is an excellent source of high-quality protein which is very digestible and provides a very high nutritional value.
  • It promotes muscle growth and hence helps in strength training.
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • The amino acids that are present in whey protein help in wound healing or even in surgeries.
  • It helps control appetite which in turn also aids in weight loss.

Components of whey protein: Know what whey protein is made up of?

Whey protein is known for providing all 9 essential amino acids with limited amounts of fats and carbohydrates. Whey starts as a product of milk which is usually cow’s milk. Various addends are being added to the milk such as an enzyme, high temperature, and other catalysts which help the milk curdle up. This helps separate the solids from the liquid part.

The solid part is the casein protein part and is skimmed from the top which leaves the liquid behind. The liquid whey undergoes a lot of processing to ensure high protein content. This is then dried off and powdered to produce the whey protein.

Is whey protein safe?

Whey protein when consumed in an appropriate amount will appear to be safe. However, there are chances of gastrointestinal discomfort that may arise if consumed a high amount. When it comes to the consumption of whey protein supplements most people should be comfortable while consuming them, however, it is suggested that the following people should avoid consumption of whey protein:

  • People with allergies
  • Expectant mothers
  • Nursing women
  • Infants


To conclude, while whey protein is one of the exceptionally healthy ways to include an increased amount of protein in your healthy diet, it Is suggested that they should be consumed in the proper amount. Consulting a doctor or a nutritionist will also help you decide the amount of protein intake you need daily. This will also help you decide the best whey protein type for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which whey protein is best?

Domyos Whey protein isolates Choco 3 kg is one of the best whey proteins as it contains great protein content that helps maintain muscles.

How much whey protein should you take?

While whey protein depends on reason and people, the adequate amount will be 1 to 2 spoons or 25 to 50 grams daily.

What is the best time to take whey protein?

One of the best times to consume whey protein is during the anabolic window which is 15 to 60 minutes right after the exercise.

Is whey protein vegan?

No, whey protein is not vegan. 

Which is the best flavor of whey protein?

While the flavor and taste completely depend from person to person, chocolate flavour is one of the most favorite flavors.

How long does whey protein take to digest?

Whey protein will take about 1.5 to 2 hours to digest about 20 grams. 

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