When it comes to pre- or post-workout nutrition, the timing, proteins, and carbs play a significant role in gaining the recovery and results that you have aimed for. This is true for both vegans and non-vegans alike. It is through these meals that you build efficiency in your training sessions and build lean muscle that would prepare you for the next training session. We have some of the yummiest combos of proteins and carbs that you can relish on post the muscle-burning workout.


§  Fruity options


  1. Match a Mango-Chia Seed Pudding:

Protein shakes are considered to be a powerful ode to post-workout meals. Chia seeds are a great source of complete protein food. They do contain more fat than the ideal post-workout snack, but most of the fats are omega-3 fatty acids, which are a great source of anti-inflammatory food. Chia seeds mixed with mango gives delicious flavour along with the required protein and fat for a post-workout snack.

  1. Apple Ginger Green Smoothie:

Apple ginger smoothie is a great option for vegans to consider as a post-workout drink. It provides the nutrition of apples and anti-inflammatory benefits of ginger. However, it does not have just the benefits of apple and ginger; the kale and parsley in the smoothie provides calcium that is important in supporting and maintaining the fat loss. The calcium also helps boost the levels of testosterone that is helpful in muscle-building.

  1. Chocolate Cherry Steel-Cut Oats:

The recipe of slow cooker chocolate cherry steel-cut oats is a perfect post-workout choice of food, with the great combo of cocoa powder and cherries. Cocoa helps as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and cherries help reduce muscle soreness that is a common post-workout symptom.

  1. Caramelized Banana Oatmeal:

This recipe is rich in protein, Vitamin B6, and potassium. It is a naturally gluten-free combination that is sweet, creamy, and easily consumed as breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack at any time.


§  Veggie options


  1. Chickpea, Mango, Curried Cauliflower Salad:

This salad has a lot of offer. Chickpea is rich in protein and carbs, and provide them in the right amount that is required post-workout to refuel and recover for the loss of fat. Moreover, the spinach and lime juice dressing on the salad also provides Vitamin C, that helps your body absorb the muscle-friendly iron from the chickpeas.


  1.  Lentil Spinach Soup:

Lentils in this recipe provide protein and carbs, while the spinach and tomatoes in the Mediterranean soup are rich in minerals and vitamins. This combo works as a powerful meal for restoration after a hardcore workout. An additional benefit of the recipe over its super nutritious ingredients is its super yummy taste.


  1. Chickpea Sunflower Sandwich:

This recipe is a flavorful, health-boosting, and colorful combo of sunflower seeds, tomatoes, hummus, and avocado. It can be a great post-workout meal choice, as it is rich in nutrition, as well as easy to make, pack, and carry in your gym bag.


  1. Red Lentil Dal:

Red lentil dal is a thick protein-rich soup with great nutritious profile. It also involves generous amounts of ghee or fat. It is a recipe that is also easy-to-cook and lasts for a long time. Apart from having it on its own, the dal can also be enjoyed with rice, pop padoms, or steamed greens.


  1. Lentil Spinach Curry with Coconut Rice:

This is a healthy, nutritious, and delicious recipe that contains coconut rice and generous amounts of spinach. It is a dish that is extremely high in protein, essential minerals, and vitamins.


  1. Sweet Potato Bowl:

This is a quick vegan recipe that is healthy, nutritious, and time-saving. It includes sweet potato, nuts, raisins, blueberries, nut butter, and seeds. It is a kind of recipe that takes less than five minutes to toss together, and can be relished at any time of the day post-workout.


  1. Roasted Teriyaki Mushrooms and Broccolini Soba Noodles:

Soba noodles are a source of complete protein. Pairing them with teriyaki mushrooms provide a rich, earthy, and satisfying dimension, along with chilies and broccolini, that have anti-inflammatory properties.


  1. Creamy Asparagus and Pea Soup:

Pea protein is a fast-growing choice of nutritional supplement amongst both vegans and non-vegans. It has high levels of branch chain amino acids and is gluten and lactose free. This makes the soup easier to digest as well as allergy-friendly. It is a low-fat soup that positively overflows with antioxidants like garlic, asparagus, and spinach, and is also tasty.


Other than the above-mentioned meals, there are many other meals, snacks, or dishes that help fulfil the needs and requirements of post-workout recovery and rejuvenation for vegans. Some of them are listed below
  • Fruit smoothie with nut/soy milk and coconut/soy yoghurt
  • Slice of whole grain toast
  • Whole grain crackers with natural peanut butter
  • Handful of nuts
  • Fresh dried fruits
  • Lentil spaghetti Bolognese
  • Vegetable ginger soy stir-fry and tofu with basmati rice
  • Baked beans or chickpeas/ any other choice of beans
  • Lentil burger with salad on multi-grain bun
  • Salad wraps with hummus
  • Salad wraps with tabbouleh
  • Glass of soy milk
  • Baked beans on toast with vegetables of choice on top (e.g. tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.)
  • Rolled oats topped with chia seeds, berries, soy yoghurt, and chopped nuts


Some additional tips:

  • Using vegan protein powder, to fulfil the lack of protein consumed through whole foods, must be a well thought choice. Choose a protein powder that has fewer ingredients, is unsweetened or naturally sweetened, and has combination of protein sources.
  • You must aim for having an intake of approximately 10-20 grams of carbs and protein after finishing your workout session.
  • You must aim to eat your post-workout snack/meal within 20-30 minutes of finishing your session.
  • Always include foods that support inflammation reduction, like the ones that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.
  •  Do not consume too much amounts of fat in your post-workout meal, as that would slow down your digestion process.
  • Along with food, focus on acquiring and using the right cardio equipment and running machine. You can get the best gym equipment online by visiting our website now!

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